NEW!! 2016 Noveco video 4: Variation Management

Project Management

Jobs from Indeed

In this video we will demonstrate how Noveco can help you managing Project Variations in SAP with seamless integration with Project Budgeting, Forecasting, Sales Orders and Reporting.

Jobs from Indeed

Projects never ever go exactly according to the initial plan or estimate. This is why we have built Project Manager Workbench.

In previous demos we explained how the Workbench converts Original Estimate into Forecast and how it automatically recalculates Cost To Complete from Actual Costs and Purchasing Commitments.

We also showed how can you adjust project forecast for small variations that do not require internal or customer approval.

However, all significant variations to projects must be treated differently.

Noveco Variation Management solution offers simple and intuitive user interface with status control and automatic updates of SAP standard database. All changes are completely integrated with project budgets, forecasts and revenue planning.

Tracking change history of the key performance indicators of your project is completely automated making it very powerful yet easy to use.
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