The Advantages of Performance Testing

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  1. Improved Quality from a User’s Perspective: When you test the app in order to check the performance of the same prior to launching the same, you get to detect all the glitches that may hamper the performance of the same. Rectifying these glitches will provide your customers with a full proof app which will perform smoothly under all circumstances.
    2. Reduced Cost of Change: Once you have developed the app completely and launched it for the end users, rectification becomes a major issue. It automatically becomes a very costly affair as you have to withdraw the app completely from the market and rectify it completely which becomes a lot difficult due to the complexities. Prior testing helps you to avoid all these monetary loss.
    3. Reduced System Costs: If you are putting your app through the performance testing from the initial testing period of its development, the complexities are much less and basic systems are enough to detect the various glitches. With further development of the application, more and more features get added which increases the complexities of the application which requires more sophisticated systems to detect the flaws. Hence performance testing reduces the system cost.
    4. Increased Profits: Performance testing helps in increasing the overall profit of the organization and that is very obvious! With the reduced system cost and the reduced cost of change, the cost of production is already diminished which gets added to the profit of the organization. Also a well performing app with no bugs will automatically attract more customers who will be willing to pay for good user experience.
    5. Early Identification of Major Application Defects and Architectural Issues: With the early initiation of performance testing for the app you are developing, you get to identify the major defects earlier and hence can pay special attention to them and time crunch can be avoided.
    6. Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction: As you are improving the performance of the app that you are offering to your customers, you are ensuring that they get more satisfaction out of using the app you have created.
    7. Clarity on Resource Utilization: When you are testing your app for performance of the same, you are ensuring that the resources at your disposal are being used to the fullest so as to make the app a perfect one. This will allow proper utilization of the resource completely in order to make your app better for the user experience and hence make it more popular.
    8. Performance Testing also Removes many Myths Associated with the Users and Builds Confidence: Performance testing of the developed app will show you how the app actually works when it is being used by the end users. This will obviously increase your confidence about your creation as you get to know the reaction that your app will deliver to various situations and the fact that it is capable of handling unfavourable conditions which it is likely to face when in real world. It will also remove any wrong perceptions which may be related to it.
    We have tried to provide you with the major advantages of performance testing as to how it may increase the popularity of the app and the profit of your organization. Hope we have satiated all your queries.
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