Purpose for Existence

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Purpose for Existence

In this book, Victor Nwobodo captures the Christian faith in a whole new light, where facts and faith unite to illuminate the veracity and timelessness of God’s Word. In the first part of this series, Nwobodo demonstrates how God’s Word can be examined and validated with scientific, historical, and archaeological facts. More important still, he established the validity of human existence-why we are here. He also points out major areas where the church has been wrong in doctrinal stance and ways to avoid such debilitating approaches. “Religious dogma has always been a snare to men of true faith, and scientific ‘truth’ had always proven susceptible to the discoveries of succeeding generations. But Nwobodo has effectively pointed out that the data of science and the actual words of Yahowah’s Scripture are not at odds. Rather, they support and illuminate each other; and together, they reveal the beauty of the Creator’s plan and purpose in ways few of us ever thought possible.” Ken Power; Author and Bible researcher, Palmyra, Virginia, USA “The author, a celebrated and acclaimed teacher, evangelist, an academic champion who comparatively belongs to the intelligentsia group has proved his academic, theological and philosophical worth in this book. Buy it, read it and keep it as a reference material.” Chike Ndife Chief Editor SNAAP Press LTD, Enugu, Nigeria

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