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Simon West asked 1 year ago

I’m new to wordpress, I set up everything, but there’s something that bothers me: on every single URL or link, there’s a “?v=hash” appended everywhere (example.com/?v=d21feabed96b).

I tried to see inspect every plugin, I don’t understand how this parameter is added.

It looks like it’s added in js, because if I see the source, there’s no trace of this hash, but I can see in firebug live source.

Plugins installed:

  • jetpack
  • sumome
  • wp-piwik
  • wp super cache
  • woocommerce

Theme: Storefront

I tried to disable everything, but still I get this hash, does anyone knows how and why it’s added?

I’m also using cloudflare

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Tamunofiniarisa answered 1 year ago

I have encountered this sort of problem before. It is caused by woocommerce, particularly the setting "geolocalize users with cache support" which adds this parameter to every single url and link. As you may have noticed,  the hash appended would be the same in every browser and url on your computer.

Hence, it was not a "session" hash, but an IP address hash.

To clear this simply log in to your admin dashboard, and under "woocommerce->Settings->General->Default Customer Location", pick the third option, which is IP without cache.That is ‘Geolocalize’.

That solves the problem.

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