Racer X Films: 2017 Budds Creek Press Day

Racer X Films: 2017 Budds Creek Press Day

With two rounds left to go in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, we stopped by press day at Budds Creek to catch up with Rockstar Husqvarna’s Zach Osborne about potentially wrapping up the 250 title one round early. Dean Wilson also gives us his thoughts on this years track design.

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Disney has spent years releasing animated films based off classic stories and folklore. While they made that obvious with stories like Cinderella and Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, there are other times where Disney just plain ripped-off other films. This includes stolen ideas, stolen songs, and stolen animation designs.

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The Little Mermaid is a Disney classic known for their great songs like “Part of Your World”. What many fans don’t realize is that the song was actually taken directly from the “Little Shop of Horrors” musical. Disney’s Cars was a refreshing hit for Pixar despite uninspired sequels. While the plot may seem original, it was actual copied almost scene for scene with the Michael J. Fox film “Doc Hollywood”. Inside/Out was a great character study, but Disney may have ripped it off from a television movie pilot called “The Moodsters”. Atlantis: The Lost Empire was a huge difference from other Disney films and focused more on action and adventure than music. It has inspired anime roots from a similar story with almost the exact same characters. Frozen was a mega-hit for Disney and helped form a legion of fans. A short film used to promote the movie was actually ripped off from another short film with exactly the same concept. The visuals of Up and the flying house are stunning, but a French film did almost the same exact thing several years prior. Aladdin’s plot and premise may have been ripped off from an abandoned animation project that finally got a release. Other films on the list include Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lion King, and Dinosaur.
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