Robbery Prevention Tips

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Everyone needs to know how to handle themselves on the street in order to stay safe in today’s dangerous world. Taking self defense training courses and completing a Self Defense DVD program are a good start. However, there are several other preventative measures you can take in the event you are approached by a mugger on the street.

First of all, remember that your mugger is usually only out for your money and valuables. Robbers may threaten you with a weapon or physical violence to get you to give up you possessions.

Rule #1 : Be Alert and Use Your Head

* Never walk by yourself late at night. Stay with a buddy or group whenever possible.

* Tell someone before you leave what your plans are and when to expect you back.

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* Stay in well-lit and well-used areas.

* Walk in the light, and not close to buildings where attackers may hide in the shadows.

* Don’t stop to talk to someone you don’t know. Keep a steady pace and walk tall with your shoulders back and head up.

* Pay attention to the people, noises and sights around you.

* Notify the police if you notice anything suspicious or out of the ordinary.

* Don’t keep a lot of cash with you or conspicuously wear valuable jewelry or personal electronics.

Rule #2 : Know What to Do In Case You Are Attacked

* Don’t resist. Giving up your money or your jewelry can save your life.

* If you are attacked try to remember and details about your attacker that will help the police catch the criminal.

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Rule #3 : Use These Safety Tips at the ATM

* Avoid stand-alone ATMs and use the ones inside banks and other stores.

* Check your surroundings before you start a withdrawal. Cancel the transaction if you notice anything suspicious.

* Put your money away quickly. Don’t count it while you walk away from the machine.

Rule #4 : Be Proactive and Alert

If you have ever been robbed, you know how terrifying it can be. The best thing you can do to prevent crimes is to be proactive. Talk with the police in your neighborhood and ask for tips and advice that you can share with your community or neighborhood association. If you don’t already have a neighborhood watch program, invite neighbors to start one.

Keep your police department’s non-emergency phone number handy. If you notice criminal or suspicious activity, don’t check it out yourself. Instead call the police to investigate.

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No matter how hard we try to steer clear of dangers, they sometimes find us anyway. If you are every the victim of a robbery, report it to the police immediately when the details are fresh in your mind. If you find you need professional help, there are many resources available. Surviving a robbery is a traumatic experience that may lead to psychological concerns. Group or individual therapy can help you overcome the experience and move on with your life. Therapists can help you overcome the traumatic experience.

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