Benefits Of Buying A Telescope

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One of the greatest scientific instruments of all time is the telescope. With thousands of years of effort of scientists in astronomy, today we have telescopes that are both readily available and accessible to everyone. So, what are some of the benefits of buying a telescope?

* Astronomy Is A Fulfilling Hobby
One of the greatest reasons for buying a telescope is that you get to embark on an amazing hobby. Astronomy is a great hobby for many reasons. It has real meaning, and shows you actual planets, stars, nebula, and even galaxies that are countless millions of light years away.

It is amazing to be able to look at Saturn, our Moon, and even Jupiter right there in front of you. Yes, the pictures from Hubble look amazing, larger, and with full color, but there is nothing like being able to view these objects everyday, and even see the changes that happen in them over time.

* A Telescope Is Not Like Video Games
A benefit of owning a telescope, especially a good one, is that you can’t exhaust it. Yes, you may need extra parts over time, but these are not essential. Buying a good telescope can provide years of enjoyment. And you can’t do astronomy justice even in one lifetime.

There are so many objects in the night sky, and a good telescope can show you so many that it would literally take a lifetime to be able to view even a small portion of them. However, a point I have to stress is that simply owning a telescope will not give you access to all those objects, because you have to know where objects are to be able to find them in the first place. Luckily there are good books on practical astronomy, even with small telescopes, and even telescopes with computers that allow you to select what you want to see, and the telescope whizzes to the location ready for viewing!

* Constant New Discoveries With Telescopes
A telescope allows you to make new discoveries everyday. Yes, these discoveries may not be something that allows you to find a new planet, a star or other objects, but you will be making discoveries in your own right. That can truly be an amazing thing indeed.

* Contribute To Science With Your Telescope
Though it will be hard to discover new planets, and stars, it is still possible, and someone going through a lifetime of astronomy has a chance to make those discoveries. There are other ways to be able to make discoveries, and contribute to science.

For example, there are organizations that track meteors and other objects that maybe close to Earth. These organizations rely on amateur astronomers to help them. So, this is one area that you can truly help in. A good idea is to keep a journal, even in the beginning of your astronomy hobby time. This will help you remember your discoveries. And is a good idea, as with Jupiter you could plot how the moons of Jupiter have changed over a week for example.

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