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Would you characterize yourself as a science fiction junkie? Would you do anything to get a life-size cutout of one of the characters in the Star Wars movies? How about locating a rare costume from the movie Invasion of the Body Snatcher? Have you been hooked on Star Trek for years now and would love to get your hands on Star Trek lunch box? For some, that would just make your day complete!

The world of science fiction collectibles seems to be as endless as the universe. I wonder if there is any sci-fi memorabilia that dates back to the days when the TV show Out of This World could be viewed by die hard science fiction fans. Here are some tips that you may want to follow that will help you get your hand on some of those rare pieces of science fiction collectibles.

Choose your universe: There are so many science fiction collectibles and material out there, that it would simply be useless to try to collect everything. You would have to have very deep pockets for that! A lot of these collectibles are not cheap. It all depends upon what you are after.

In order to launch your collection, start with one genre or just one movie or show. You want to go for depth in your collectibles rather than breadth. This tactic will help you to score big points with collecting communities.

Hit comic conventions – These are an excellent source to find those rare and very precious collectibles. You will find many science fiction aholics descending upon these conventions as flies swarm to honey. They usually end up bringing all of their valuable collections with them to sell or trade. If you happen to visit a convention such as the San Diego Comic Con, you will be sure to find some first-rate science fiction collectibles there.

By lots or groups of collectibles: If you are really looking to start a collection of your own, one of the best ways to do that is, if your budget allows, by purchasing another person’s collection. There are many reasons why someone has to part with his or her science fiction collection. Maybe they are short on cash or have had a medical emergency and have to have some money to cover medical expenses.

Whatever the reason, their loss is your gain! Sometimes you will run across ads in newspapers. If you have Internet access, then you may search Craigslist or even search some of the comic book collecting websites.

Wisely use the web Online collectors sites, Ebay and websites that are dedicated to science fiction collectibles are excellent places to try to find those rare collectibles that are in very good or perhaps even mint condition. Make sure that the piece you want is authentic and have its value assessed before you buy it. Some of these guru collectors know how to prey on newbies.

Where else can you pick up some science fiction collectibles that you have been searching a lifetime for or so it seems? If you have access to the Internet, all you have to do is type in science fiction collectibles on one of the major search engines and you will find that it will bring up a variety of sites that you can visit till your heart’s content!

Just a little tip for you Fantasy News is a great place to begin your journey for your sci-fi collectibles. It brings you into contact with hundreds of collectibles from every part of the galaxy. Happy hunting!

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