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Anyone who has been lucky enough to work in a scientific environment knows that scientists are often like magicians. Pouring over their scientific projects with intensity, the end result is to create or change that which has been a mystery.

The Great World of Science
When one considers the significant changes to the science of modern medicine to cure most illnesses, the rapid phases of discovery by scientists amazes much the way a magician amazes his audience with what appears to be feats of magic.

Science Unlocks The Key to the Unknown
With so many science disciplines, the number of scientific discoveries since the dawn of time from Ptolemy, to Curie to Einstein and Hawking, science proves time and again the ability to advance the human mind and understanding of the universe. The world grows ever more larger thanks to scientific discoveries.

Man Has To Know What’s Possible
The curiosity of man has brought about breakthroughs in genetics to the extent that DNA testing is now used regularly as a means of detecting various congenital diseases passed down from one generation to the next. In addition, DNA testing has also been extraordinarily helpful in law enforcement to determine guilt or innocence in the commission of a crime.

Pregnant women can now take full advantage of embryonic testing to determine predisposition to illness in the unborn. Carbon dating is another means of scientific discovery that puts time in a whole new dimension. It’s now possible to know with amazing accuracy the age of various materials.

Science and Machines
The medical world has made use of numerous machines of detection from X-rays to Mammography and Thermal photography that can pinpoint the exact location of a tumor. With the advent of computers, the number of invasive surgeries has been reduced as a result of laser technologies. But, it doesn’t stop there.

Science has developed machines that identify voices, fingerprints, even the retina of the human eye. Telescopes in astronomy have been developed that see objects millions of miles from the earth. Science advanced the use of robots to allow for spacecraft to function with the same capacity as an astronaut gathering data on the moon or Mars.

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Robots also have replaced humans in dangerous workplaces where intense heat or exposure to radiation might have a serious impact. Robots are also used in many hospitals as delivery ships from the pharmacy to nursing stations savings thousands of extra steps and wear and tear on the nursing staff. Robotic devices clean swimming pools and vacuum the living room, all without any human interface.

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Science has even created devices allow the deaf to hear and the blind to see. When it comes down to it, there is no longer any “fiction” to “science”. The science fiction world of yesterday is the science world of today. The world laughed when Flash Gordon flew his “spaceship” to Mars. No one laughed when a man landed on the moon or unmanned spacecraft orbited around the sun just like the rest of the planets.

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