The Changes Broadcast Television And Other New Technologies Have Brought About

Science News

The future of broadcast television is up in the air with all the new technology emerging. As it becomes easier for the common broadcaster to purchase high definition video and broadcast equipment, it becomes more likely for each of us to become our own entertainment personnel. The advent of the internet as a necessary technology opened the flood gates to broadcasts from anyone with a web based camera. The advent of high definition will allow quality broadcasting to come straight from individuals.

Flat panel, high definition computer monitors are the beginning of all this technological boom. Home theaters are another part of it all. Computers, to keep up with all of these new products, started adding higher grade components. Now anyone can get a readily fabricated media center computer to watch movies and broadcast their own video on. These computers feature more RAM, so they run faster. They also feature much more hard drive space for storing libraries of recorded and downloaded media. This allows for amateur broadcasters as well as home based professionals to record professionally in multiple sections and edit together films right on their home computer.

The future of this technology will allow advocates of free speech, political activists, and socially conscious individuals to get their own ideas out to other individuals in cities all over the world. One could speculate that this will spark worldwide trends in social and political change. The impacts could stretch out to effect the economy, the environment, and human rights situations everywhere.

Recent changes to legislation regarding global warming have been small and trend based, but with more voices calling for action, more may be done to limit big oil companies and fun environmentally friendly cars and machinery.

We’ve fallen on hard times economically, but personal broadcast television would open up a worldwide forum for change and allow trends to form. Trends, especially spending trends, could pull our economy out of the slump it has been in. Spending trends put money back into long term options. Companies that produce products rather than services will steady our economic situation over more years and put us on steady footing.

It is not hard to see what personal broadcast television could do. There are options for internet based as well as home theater and television based broadcasting technology. This will certainly drive us forward in both areas of free speech as well as advancing our personal awareness of social and political issues.

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