101 Gourmet Cookies for Everyone

26 Views101 Gourmet Cookies for Everyone Wendy Paul, bestselling author of the 101 Gourmet series, is back with a recipe collection of delicious cookies. Whether you’re watching your waistline, eating vegan, looking for a gluten-free treat, or just needing something sweet, you’ll find so Price: $ 18.99 Sold by Walmart eBooks by Rakuten Kobo

$pam, $cam, Thank You, Ma’am

41 Views$pam, $cam, Thank You, Ma’am For many years the author has, like most computer users, been receiving spam emails that he used to bin straight away – until one of the more outrageous ones caught his eye. Then he began to read them more carefully and, over the course of six yea Price: $ …
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.NET Mobile Web Developers Guide

30 Views.NET Mobile Web Developers Guide Introducing Microsoft’s flagship wireless development toolThe .NET Mobile Web Developer’s Guide will provide readers with a solid guide to developing mobile applications using Microsoft technologies. The focus of this book is on using ASP.NET and the .NET mobile SDK. It provides an introduction to the .NET platform and goes …
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