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Lose License Lose Freedom

, Lose License Lose Freedom

Lose License Lose Freedom

Get ready to deal with the politically correct regulators and meddling family members who want to get “dangerous old people” off the road. Boomers are hitting their retirement years fast; 40 million in Canada and US will be 65 or older by end of this decade. If any driver is a danger on the road he or she should lose their license. Instead it is becoming politically correct to assume older drivers as a category are a menace and should be taken off the road as quickly as possible. Boomers have to decide now to stay healthy, sharpen their driving skills and take advantage of the new safety technology in cars or face the prospect of being relegated to a scooter. Breezy, readable and packed with essential information and practical tactics, Lose License – Lose Freedom shows Boomers how to continue driving safely for years to come.

Price: $ 4.99
Sold by Rakuten Kobo U.S

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