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ReganAccording to Regan, life could not get possibly get any better. After graduating from nursing school, she landed a job in the E.R and began to live her life with her boyfriend, Jake, by her side. In one instant, the life she has worked so hard to create is destroyed when she is assigned to a patient and that patient none other than Jake, who is lay brain dead in the trauma unit. GraysonGrayson, a firefighter, couldn’t imagine life any other way. Great job, even better friends, and women at his disposal any day of the week. When a call comes in to respond to a car accident, his life is turned upside down when he finds his best friend inside the vehicle. Regan was Jake’s, and Grayson respected that, but with grief swallowing them both whole, neither can deny the chemistry between them, despite how awful that makes them feel. To deal with everything, the pair will have to be stronger than ever before, but can they make it work between them, or will guilt tear them apart? INT

Price: $ 1.23
Sold by Rakuten Kobo Canada

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