Awakening the Slower Mind: The Commonwealth and International Library: Pergamon Educational Guides

Awakening the Slower Mind deals with the education of and teaching special-needs children. More particularly, this book concerns children in special schools for the “educationally subnormal,” whom the author differentiates from the “ineducable” child. The first part of this book discusses these children by noting conditions before and during their birth and the background environment of immigrant children and school transferees. The second part of this text is a discussion on the educational system as to how it affects these children, and discusses when the child with difficulties cannot keep up with his teachers, with the other students, and with the system. In a highly industrialized country, literacy becomes an important tool for communication. By making these special students appreciate the value of using language properly through the teacher’s efficient use of expressive arts and similar activities, their personality can develop and grow, to the point that they will learn to appreciate the value of learning appropriate and correct language skills. The author points out that in this way, these children will become functionally literate. This book is recommended for school administrators for special learning institutions, school counselors, education majors, pediatricians, and parents of special-needs children.

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