Handheld Computers for Doctors

, Handheld Computers for Doctors

Handheld Computers for Doctors

Are you spending too much time filling out paperwork and too little time being a doctor? Over 20% of a doctor’s time is spent dealing with paper. This book will show you why and how handheld computers can help you reduce this time, and how to use the technology without waiting for the IT department. If you work in hospital or community medicine, you can take advantage of technology that is affordable, powerful, easy and effective: Use handheld computers for your education, administration and clinical practice. Use handheld computers with your colleagues to support communication and teamwork. Use handheld computers today without waiting for the IT department’s latest expensive, complicated and overdue solution. “I would recommend to any doctor use of a handheld for managing patient lists. And I recommend this book for a down-to-earth account of the experience.” Andrew Harrison, British Medical Journal “Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli is the leading light in the world of handheld computers for doctors.” Dr Murray Longmore, co-author of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine “I predict this book will dramatically boost the use of handhelds amongst medical students and doctors. Short, punchy chapters make this an ideal book to read on the run, with a clear, intelligent discussion specifically aimed at the non-technical audience.” Dr Jeanette Murphy, editor of British Medical Informatics Today “I only wish [the book] had been around when I first started using my handheld on the wards. Highly recommended!” Dr Chris Paton, creator of

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