A Grand Tour Collection

7 ViewsA Grand Tour Collection This discounted ebundle includes: Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Tales of the Grand Tour, Powersat, Mercury, Titan, Mars Life, Leviathans of Jupiter, Farside, New Earth”Bova proves himself equal to the task of showing how adversit Price: $ 67.99 Sold by Rakuten Kobo Canada

7 Skills to Catapult Your Career

16 Views7 Skills to Catapult Your Career Top leaders in the business community-a financial journalist, a bestselling author, and cofounder of the Global Negotiation Initiative at Harvard University-teach you the character traits every employer wants to see in today’s worker. In the race to become multitasking superhumans, we’ve lost touch with the actual root of …

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Zen Cart Manual 1.5

20 ViewsZen Cart Manual 1.5 The Zen Cart Manual is the ultimate step by step guide to creating an e-commerce site with Zen Cart 1.5.x.No previous knowledge required. No previous knowledge assumed. Small simple steps take you from start to finish. Install, build, modify and set up a new Zen Cart store quickly and easily. …

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Euro Erotica Naked

14 ViewsEuro Erotica Naked Hurry up! 50% off Canada (28th – 31st Oct) Promo Code: CA50SALE United States/Australia/New Zealand (27th – 30th Oct) Promo Code: GET50SALE United Kingdom (30th Oct – 2nd Nov) Promo Code: UK50SALE This series depicts beautifully endowed women in a very sensual and erotic style. These Photo Albums include some of …

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Assortment of Spices

21 ViewsAssortment of Spices Spices were used largely for the preservation of a product in a hot climate, as they possess some antibacterial properties. The first mention of spices (keeping in mind the classic spices) dates back to the ancient civilizations of the East: China, India, Egypt and date to the historical period about 5000 …

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Aching For It

14 ViewsAching For It Dominican Heat, Book OneHandsome Hollywood photographer Jesse didn’t expect to fall in love when he and fellow black gay comrades ventured on a “sexcursion” to the Dominican Republic, where gorgeous young locals offer erotic delights for a reasonable price. But fall in love he did when he met, under the noblest …

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Aspiration and Ambivalence

22 ViewsAspiration and Ambivalence After more than a decade of great effort and sacrifice by America and its allies, the Taliban still has not been defeated, and many Afghans believe that a civil war is coming. Aspiration and Ambivalence analyzes the U.S. and international efforts in Afghanistan and offers detailed recommendations for dealing with the …

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691 Suburban Dr

17 Views691 Suburban Dr The follow up to Natty Soltesz’s 428 College St! In his wild college days Nate explored his sexuality from top to bottom with Darrin, his sexy straight roommate. But what started as no-big-deal fooling around turned int Price: $ 3.99 Sold by Walmart eBooks by Rakuten Kobo