Danger and Delight

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Danger and Delight

Hunker down, grab your flashlight, and prepare to be delighted with these kickass heroes and heroines who overcome enormous odds to survive. You can count on sparks flying when danger throws these three unlikely couples together: The Achilles Project: Nothing remarkable happened when former NYPD detective Meghan McCafferty first met Marcus Bixil, yet now a black-ops government agency is trying to kill her. Who knew the hunk closed deals for the powerful Kozlova Group? Meghan races to discover the rest of Marcus’s secrets-without falling for him in the process. Date with the Devil: Victoria Everett’s past cost her the ultimate price: her daughter’s life. So when the man she blames for all of her problems asks for help, she refuses to play. But her refusal doesn’t stop this rogue FBI agent-Victoria must confront her past in order to solve a murder, protect her family, and find the love of her life. Acts of Faith: Everyone assumed Emma’s brother died in a car accident. Then one of his friends asks Emma to meet her so she can reveal the truth, but the whistleblower is brutally murdered before their appointment. There’s only one person Emma can turn to for help-her ex-husband, a cop who never wants to see her again. Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

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