Guess Who Holds Thee?: A breathtaking novel, enthralling mystery, rekindled legend and uncensored romance.

This is an uncensored romance set in the New South-in the city of Greensburg, a decadent pulse in the Bible Belt-where the riptide of contradictions between religious fundamentalism and the sexual revolution, between brotherly love and racism, between the past and the present, embroil its inhabitants. Into this setting comes a diverse group of individuals, most spawned during the turmoil of the late 60s, running away from the shell shock of a generational death wish, seeking a sense of security, a foothold on the future without the crutch of habit or routine. They look to love to succor them-vestiges of their flower days. Their hellish search takes them into the uncharted. The story hinges on the concept of Us. Foremost it is an expression Michael Dunlow, a factory worker consumed by his melancholic ardor for ideas and learning, uses to explain his love affair with Cynthia Bolling, a rebel against her southern gentry background. The story traces the ups and downs of their romance, the end of which will stun you.

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