It’s a F.A.D. 8″ Dunny by J*RYU – Kidrobot

After the sold out releases of the 20″ It’s a F.A.D. Dunny, Kidrobot is excited to release an 8″ version of theåÊ It’s a F.A.D. Dunny. åÊ The It’s a F.A.D. Dunny is the latest creation from toy artist Jesse Yu, aka JRYU. Kidrobot recreated theåÊ It’s a F.A.D. Dunny based on JRYU’s original custom 20″ Dunny creation displayed at the 2015 Designer Toy Award Dunny Show. This beautifully sculpted piece also includes a key that fits securely in the chest keyhole.åÊ The blackishåÊbronzeåÊcolor way of theåÊ It’s a F.A.D. åÊ8″ Dunny is simply exquisite and there is a second pewter color way that can only be found as a chase piece. åÊ INT

Price: $ 74.99
Sold by Kidrobot

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