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48V 2.5A Output PC Plug Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Charger for Electric Scooter

Description: Power Supply: AC220V20% Power Supply Frequency: 50Hz5Hz Output: 48V 2.5A Notice: It will heat when used so it must keep in good ventilation. Keep it away from the Inflammable and the explosive. Don't put the charger on the sofa, bed and so on

HTD 384-3M-12 Drive Belt Kit Replacement For Escooter Electric Scooter

Description: Suitable for small surf electric scooter etc Replacement Drive Belt HTD 384-3M-12 Durable,easy to use Belt length is the overall size of the belt's loop measured as if the belt were cut between two adjacent teeth and laid out on a flat surfac

Child Electric Motorcycle Tricycle Baby Scooter Non-slip Protective Design Music LED Lights

Description: When it turn on, you could choose the songs you like to play With LED colorful light design Protective Safe Non-slip Pedal, Handlebar, Wheel Design With a small Storage box inside the scooter It must be a funny good toy gift for your baby Spe