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Braided Grey Carpet, Wool, Hygge, Indian Woolen Rugs, Beautiful…

A braided wool carpet is a symbol of quality. Sukhi is thrilled to offer handmade braided wool carpets like the Tahir. Interior designers have long known the power of a neutral braided wool carpet. And now we’re letting you in on this secret as well. This gorgeous style quickly elevates almost any room. It’s perfect for living spaces and office spaces too. Attention to detail goes into every Sukhi carpet. Our artisans really care about the rugs they make. Tahir is no different. Each handmade and

Ivory Grey Wool Carpet, Handmade Braided Rugs, Indian Thick Wool

The Kayum handmade Indian carpet has a rustic warm and feel. Soft, yet very durable, it is the perfect way to set a mood. Rugs should breathe new life into rooms. Thanks to the Kayum, it is possible for you to add a new element to any environment. No matter if you need a wool rug for your home or workspace, you’ve found the perfect rug. Wool rugs are utterly charming. They add a certain richness that can’t be found elsewhere. And these unique durable rugs can go almost anywhere. Wool adjusts to

White Woolen Carpet, Soft Natural Wool, Hygge, Chunky Wool Rugs

A white braided wool rug is a statement of elegance. Take a look at the tightly braided pattern of the Kalim. It is a treat for the eyes and the senses. Just run your hands across this wool rug. You will instantly feel the quality. A neutral rug is a design asset. It can go anywhere and change any room. Do you have a room that is lacking in life and zest? If so, don’t worry. The Kalim is a truly easy way to transform any room. And you can do it in record time. Handmade woolen rugs are unique and