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Black Grey Wool Indian Carpet Handmade Fair Trade Made to Order,…

The Vihaan is handmade in India from felt sheets made from New Zealand wool. This charming rug blends black and grey together with both precision and warmth. The end result is a round felt rug that is charming. It fits perfectly in virtually any room. Soft and elegant, the Vihaan is a feast for the eyes. So go ahead. Enjoy its warm and inviting texture. Also available::rectangle Vihaan cut felt rug

Customizable Felted Carpets In All Colours and Designs,Christmas Sale

Have a room that needs a very special rug? How about you take a turn at being the designer? We can provide you with a round custom rug with the color of your choosing. Matching the right rug to the right room is about color, shape and texture. These handmade rugs are each one-of-a-kind. They come directly from India. You’ll love how warm and elegant each cut felt rug looks and feels. Also available: rectangle custom cut felt rug

90cm to 200cm Felted Wool Rugs Online Multi Colors from India…

It comes direct from India and is made by hand from the finest New Zealand felt. The Aarav is a colorful one-of-a-kind work of art. These beautiful round rugs are durable. Yet, they are soft enough to be snuggly and warm. Nothing on earth is quite like an inviting cut felt rug. The pleasant colors including blue, pink, red, white and green will bring you great joy! Also available: rectangle Araav cut felt rug

Danish Carpet in Natural White Color, Round Wool Rug, Clearance Sale

A cut felt rug will always get attention. You can’t go wrong with this lovely white, beige and chocolate round rug. It can truly help reduce stress after a long day. Handmade rugs from India, such as our Aditya, are meant to be showpieces. If you love keeping artistic traditions alive, then you’re going to love Aditya. Also available:rectangle Aditya cut felt rug

Wool Carpets from India in Black and Grey for Living Room in…

The black and grey color blend of this handmade rectangular rug gives it a classic look and feel. Crafted in India, the Vihaan is truly something special. Place this black and grey rug just about anywhere. You’ll instantly experience a sense of warmth and peace. You’ll never see cut felt rugs quite the same way again. Also available: round Vihaan cut felt rug

Design Your Own Felted Woolen Carpet in Many Colours and Sizes…

A handmade rug is something special. So is getting a rug that is just the right color. Do you have a great vision for an exceptional rug? We are happy to help you create the combination of your dreams. Handmade in India, our cut felt rugs take several weeks to knot together. But the end results speak for themselves. So go ahead and select your favorite colors. We’ll do the rest! Also available: round custom cut felt rug

Multi-Color Felted Wool Carpets from India Rectangular Handmade

The rectangular Araav features many bright colors. This means that it will look at home in any room from your bedroom to your den, living room and more. A warm and cozy rug, the Aarav is just what you need after a long day. The cheerful colors including green, red, white, blue and more make this rug so eye-catching. Curl up with a good book and rest your feet on this genuine work of art. Also available: round Araav cut felt rug

Interior Decor Carpets In Natural White Beige Colours from India

Blending colors together is an art form. The Aditya blends white, beige and chocolate together. This combination creates a charming look. It’s designed and crafted by hand in India. This special and durable rug will never disappoint you. It brings with it an unforgettable softness. We know you’ll love it for many years to come. Also available: round Aditya cut felt rug