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Two Shades of White Balls in Comfortable Round Woolen Carpet

What’s even better than a white rug? Double white, of course! Sukhi’s Sang actually contains two different shades of white. They complement one another – side by side. This finely crafted rug is neutral and understated. But its subtle pattern provides some added ´´oomph” to any room. Also available:rectangle Sang felt ball rug

Children´s Ocean Blue Carpet, Felted Wool from New Zealand

The Sajita rug is just so peaceful with its calming shades of blue and white. Some rooms cry out for that little extra touch. And this blue rug isn’t just for a boy’s room. We think this rug can go just about anywhere. So try it out in some different rooms of your house to see what you think! Also available: rectangle Sajita felt ball rug

Crazy Purple Kids Carpet Soft Colorful and Safe

You’ll love Sukhi’s Sainyukta rug. After all, vibrant purple is a pretty awesome color for a rug. Do you have a room that needs a new exciting look? Then the luscious purple rug should be a great fit. Also available: rectangle Sainyukta felt ball rug

Natural Colours Bio Organic Carpet made from Wool in Nepal

The whiteness of the Roshni makes it easy to notice all the little details. And since it has a neutral color, it’s a good fit for modern rooms. Nice, light and airy! We also recommend this pure off-white felt ball rug for those who love everything eco-friendly and natural. Also available: rectangle Roshni felt ball rug

Girls Rugs, Baby Pink, Barbie, Cute, Low Price, Clearance Sale

Pink is adorable, light and fun. The Nina rug is perfect for a little girl’s room or any room needing a feminine touch. We love the brightness of this rug. It’s just the type of thing we just love sitting on after a long day. We think you’ll like it too! Also available: rectangle Nina felt ball rug

Felted Woolen Balls Carpet Turquoise Handmade by Women Fair Trade

It’s as deep and peaceful as the calmest seas. The Sukhi Menkhu will allow you get a little bit of that tranquility right in your living space. We find this solid turquoise rug is a perfect fit for a bedroom. But it really can go just about anywhere. Also available:rectangle Menkhu felt ball rug

Royal Purple Round Carpet 90cm to 300cm Luxury Look and Feel

The fun Manna is a great fit in living rooms and bedrooms. Put this one in a dull room and you’ll see the difference! It contains not only gorgeous purple balls, but also royal blue, pink, white, and blue. Felt ball rugs are warm rugs. You’ll love how this one feels under your feet. Also available: rectangle Manna felt ball rug

Grey Carpet with White Balls Handmade by Women in Nepal

White and grey go together really well. You can see all the fine detail in the Kukee rug pretty easily. It creates a pretty magnificent pattern that will keep you feeling happy and relaxed. So where should this rug go? We think it can go almost anywhere. If you can’t decide on a color, just go with this one! Also available:rectangle Kukee felt ball rug

Stunning Black Felted Woolen Balls Carpet from Nepal

The decadent Sukhi Jessica is a black rug that will always add some intrigue into your surroundings. It is sophisticated and textured. And it is just a little bit unexpected. Instantly inject some style and depth into just about any room. Also available: rectangle Jessica felt ball rug

90cm to 300cm,Red Round Nepali Balls Carpets Soft Texture Wool by Hand

The vibrant Sukhi Jass adds a classic touch to a room. People tell us that this gorgeous red rug actually enhances their other décor. Try echoing a little of that red in your throw pillows or artwork. Your room will never feel dull or lifeless again. Also available: rectangle Jass felt ball rug

Purple Round Felted Woolen Carpet Nepal Fair Trade,Buy Online

This lush solid purple rug is always a hit. The Sukhi Heena is exceptionally vibrant. We think it can work in just about any design scheme. It will never overpower the other colors in your room. Children and teens often gravitate towards this one. A touch of deep purple always makes a positive impression. Also available:. rectangle Heena felt ball rug

70cm to 350cm,Beige Natural Design Carpets for Living Room or Office

Have you ever tried a kaki rug? Once you do, you will be wondering, ´´Where have you been all my life?” The Sukhi Tsamchoe fits into almost any living environment. It’s warm and inviting. It’s also mature and complex. Looking for a rug that can conceal a bit of dirt? This highly practical selection handles that task with ease. Also available: rectangle Tsamchoe felt ball rug