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Green White Wool Indian Designer Carpet for Living Room,Small /…

Greens and yellows play nicely in Reyansh. It isn’t just fun to touch. It is also a treat to look at and enjoy! It’s made exclusively from an incredibly soft handwoven felted wool yarn. Bedrooms and dens just love this great rug. Put this rug in any room that needs a splash of color and warmth.

Felted Woolen Indian Carpets in Blue Colours Very Soft for Kids…

The beauty and durability of 100% wool is on display for everyone to see with the Krishna. The first thing you’ll notice about Krishna is that it is beautiful. The second thing you’ll notice is that it is so incredibly soft and made from felted New Zealand wool. The deep blues and greys in this rug are a lovely combination. Do you have a cold and uninviting room? Simply add this one and watch what happens!

Red Purple Felted Woolen Yarn Rugs Handmade in India (Free Shipment)

It’s bright, full of life and full of deep warmth. The Atharv is handmade from felted New Zealand wool. This wool is amazing and feels great to the touch. Each rug looks like a fun collection of tiny pebbles. The reddish and pink colors of Atharv blend together in a truly charming way. This rug is just dying to have you walk all over it!

Multi-Colour Felted Woolen Yarn Indian Carpet Sukhi (Free Shipment)

The rainbow comes alive with warmth and passion in our Aryan. 100% Wool helps to make this handwoven felted rug something special. Have you been looking for a rug that is rustic, charming and sophisticated all at the same time? Then this is an easy pick. Warm and friendly, the Aryan goes everywhere.

White Grey Black Felted Wool Carpets Handmade High Quality and…

The Arjun is a dense rug made from attractive and extremely durable felted New Zealand wool. You’ll love how these soft rugs feel under your feet. The unique texture of the Arjun combines nicely with its soft blue and grey colors. You’ll love walking on this one again and again.

Felted Wool, Carpet, Orange, Yellow, White, Brown, Handmade in India

It’s colorful and lively. Our Hiran felted wool yarn carpet has personality to spare! Felted wool feels great to the touch. It’s also a renewable and sustainable material. You’re doing the earth a favor. And you’ll enjoy knowing your carpet is allergen free and flame resistant. It’s a truly relaxing and comfortable carpet. It will liven up any room. Go ahead and try it in a playroom or even an office. The quality of this wool carpet is instantly evident. You’ll love its detail up close. You’ll