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Romantic poets produce beautiful poetry. Not everyone has the ability to write poetry. Even though many of us are not natural born poets, but we can still amuse ourselves by being an amateur poet. Maybe the verses you write lack in beauty, or might even be literally incorrect. But your passion for poetry has proved you have a romantic heart. Below is a list of software for you to be a hobby poet.PlotCraftA big idea is the spirit of every poem. So where can we get great ideas? There are ideas everywhere at all times – whether it’s in a scene from a movie, a throwaway line on the radio, or a book that you’ve read. So the key point is how to keep track of all these ideas which unexpectedly popped into your mind. PlotCraft is simply a database for tracking all the ideas you might have. You are free to choose how you categorize your ideas. It also comes with a built-in rich-text editor so that you can add your idea to the database with all sorts of formatting, fonts, etc.The Write IdeaIf you can’t find out the exactly desirable ideas in the database, hence, you need to generate an idea. The write idea is a tool which can generate ideas for composing a poem. You press the button of ‘go’, it shows some words or some images to inspire you. Puzzle PoetryFond of composing poems, then you must be fond of reciting poems. There are a lot of great poets and excellent poems. You can learn a lot from the classics. Here is a little program called Puzzle Poetry which allows you to find entertainment in appreciating the classics.It’s a wonderful means to train your ability to express thoughts like a poet. The player offers a number of poem fragments which can be collected into a whole. The application includes over 1,500 poems of the most famous authors like Shakespeare, Byron, and so on. RhymesaurusWhen you read poetry, you have a flowing sense. That’s because poetry calls for repetitious rhymes. That why poetry is beautiful. So when write a poem, do you always rack your brain to find a rhyming word? Rhymesaurus FREE Edition, perfect for writing poems, can help you find rhyming words quickly. Simply type in any word and press [Enter], it will display a list of rhyming words. It also includes English idioms, phrases, and cliches that Rhyme with your word. Visual TypewriterIt’s strongly advised that you compose poems when you are “in the mood” and “in the place”. Briefly, you compose poems in “the poetry-like atmosphere” so that you are most inspired. Visual Typewriter can create that kind of atmosphere. It’s a writing tool, simulating a classic manual typewriter which you can only get an idea from a description in a classic novel or a scene in a film. It displays a photorealistic typewriter that looks and sounds real, creating authentic looking documents from a selection of stationery. It lets you enjoy a romantic writing experience of days long gone.

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