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First off, I will say that I have tested more than a few Field Cameras, and this particular model is just about the easiest to use of all of the models I have tried. It is one that offers great features for the money and if you are getting started in field photography this unit would be an excellent choice to get you going.

Stealth Cam makes it simple for you by having toggle switches for turning the flash on and off, continuous capture, resolution, photo delay and one for the power. This will get you started in less time.


They both have a decent amount of built in memory and will accept SD memory cards. If you are buying a memory card or if you already have one that you intend to use, take the time to find out if it is a compatible one. The TGL2 model of the camera has 16 MB of built-in memory and the TGL5 has 32 MB.

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Both versions have an infrared sensor that will detect either motion or heat within its field of range. They have a flash that will give you a quality shot at up to about 30 feet, although this is a little shorter on the TGL2. One nice feature is that these cameras will put a time and date into every image which helps on a couple of counts. First of all you can tell how recently the animals have come through and second if you are getting pictures that don’t have animals in them, you will be able to tell by how far apart they are if your sensor is picking up something else or if you have the camera too close to the subject and they are making it out of the field before the image is taken.

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When it comes to field cameras, the battery power is a big factor. These cameras will run on C batteries (four of them) but more importantly they have a jack that will take a 12 volt battery. If you want to put your camera in a very remote location a 12 volt batter and a good SD card would pretty much be essential.

The cameras come with the drivers for your computer, the strap to attach the camera to the tree and a usb cable to connect the camera to the computer to easily download the images. They are easy to set up and ready to go out of the box.


These cameras are reasonably priced but you still don’t want to lose one to thieves. Make sure that when you set them up you either camouflage them very well or get a security box to put them in. It might be wisest to do both, especially if you are putting them on public property. People will tend to take them home if they are an easy target. Choose a camera carefully depending on how you want to use it. One of the Wildview Game Cams might be an excellent choice for you.

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