Structural BIM Services: A Prerequisite For Complex Structures

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Structural BIM Services forms a integral aspect of the construction industry. It basically relates to modeling of structural components present in any building. This reflects information about the structural components on which the building will be constructed. As we all know Structural Engineering is a very prominent phase amongst all construction phases. It determines the strength of the building, it’s capacity to bear load and its ability to sustain. Structural BIM Services is a further extension of Structural Engineering. Structural BIM Services enables an Engineer to determine the quantities of materials being used, tonnage of steel, collision of a structural component with mechanical component etc. Structural BIM Services gives a detailed report of all structural components with relevant data of its properties, placements, dimensions etc.

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Some of structural components are Beams, Columns, Joists, Purlin, Foundation, Anchor bolts, Grids etc.

BIM Services impact construction to a great level with its robust features and ability to virtually construct a building beforehand. Structural BIM Services provides a structural model with all components and data. We can also extract structural shop drawings and CD Sets etc. Software like Revit Structural Revit BIM, Tekla, Bentley etc. are used for providing BIM Services. Tekla is more prominently used for Structural detailing of heavy industrial structures, plants, tanks, conveyor belts etc. while Revit BIM is used for Residential, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Resorts, Hospital, Health Care, Warehouses etc.

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Structural BIM in 4D:
4D BIM is basically a system which helps us determine the schedules and quantity of components being used. This means that we can easily extract cost estimate required for the construction phase.4D BIM also provides Bill of Quantities, Bill of Materials, Families etc.

Structural BIM in 5D:
Project Planning and scheduling is the fifth dimension apart from cost estimation. Entire construction phasing can be determined using 5D. Structural BIM services can be classified into Reinforced Concrete Structural Services and Steel Structural Services.
Steel structural service is a major part of Structural BIM which offers precise steel designing, its drafting and steel fabrication drawings. It also encompasses steel detailing and rebars steel drawing which together provides strength to the building.

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Various advantages of using Structural BIM Services are:

1. Complete modeling of the structural components prior to construction
2. Structural detailing of components and extraction of drawings
3. Project phasing and cost estimation
4. Complete Construction Drawings

Thus Structural BIM Services today has become irreplaceable.

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