Things You Should Know About Film Making Schools

Since today’s society is so very hungry for different styles of entertainment, the field of film making is a very prosperous and growing one indeed. The best way to begin any type of career in this popular field is by getting a degree that majors in the subject of film. This is why it is necessary to provide some information regarding film making schools.

There are probably at least a few readers that are wondering why somebody who is interested in working within this industry would even bother getting an education in, it is a hands on field after all. When all things are considered, majoring in field is the fastest most convenient way to jump into the industry. There are a lot of processes that go into making any film and it is better to become more familiarized with them all.

The traditional way of studying film was for somebody to choose a popular university that had a department specializing in it and to pick it as their major. The greatest advantage of this method was that you not only get to major in film but have a degree that comes from an established and very trusted institution. Many film students still choose this route for this reason.

Another great way to earn a quality degree in film is to attend a technical school that happens to offer the field as one of it’s specialties. These degrees are typically taken very serious because they are sometimes thought of as the most hands on ones. Another great thing about schools that only concentrate on film and similar majors is that they will have the best quality equipment for a student to learn on.

The idea of attending an online school to get a degree in film has began to become a very popular one in recent years. With this method you get all of the major advantages of an online school. It’s a bit quicker as well as easier and you can take classes from home in your pajamas if you so desire. Some people do not like the missing aspect of hands on experience like film however.

There are those people who are interested in a film education but might be wondering if it will offer them any direct advantages when they enter the actual field for a job. The greatest advantage that many students enjoy at any film institution is the ability to network with other similar people. If one of these people is doing the next big project after school is over, they could easily get you on.

Another great thing that any film education could offer somebody is the ability to stand out from the multitude of other candidates if they are applying for a job at a major network or studio. It is no big secret that competition is extremely present and fierce in the studio system. This is why you should consider majoring in film if you want to work for one of them.

After learning just a little more about not only film making schools but what they can offer their students before and after graduation, you might be ready to learn more. Do not be afraid to research the subject further, you might be able to discover what type of school or education is right for you. There are many advantages that weren’t even mentioned here and you should keep this in mind as well.

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Learn The True Facts About Succeeding At Internet Marketing And Making Money Online

Making money online should be, ideally, both fun and profitable. But here in the “real world” it is more often than not downright frustrating and expensive! Does that sound familiar to you? Yes? You’ve been there! You’re not alone! So have I along with thousands of others.

I have been involved in online or internet marketing for a little over ten years now. I would say that for the first three years I spent much more money than I ever earned! Yet still my belief and determination drove me on. My husband, Ross, says it was my “one eyed” and “pig headed” attitude !! Hahaha!

What I’d like to do here is just share with you some of my experiences and lend you the benefit of some of what I have learned.

You have undoubtedly fallen, probably more than once, for the “hype” displayed on the landing page of some guru or another, paid your money and signed up to the latest program which promises that you’ll make megabucks if you just follow this and that! With me so far? You’re told that you just have to add this “magic code”, or add “X” plug-in, or just click your mouse half a dozen times each morning and wallah!! You’ll be rolling in it in no time !! Yeah, right !!!!

Then there’s those sites which “put down” all that stuff and tell you that if you just sign up with their site, then you will, indeed, make megabucks – and look at these screen shots of our online bank account to prove it! Yeah, right !!!!

Then there are the sites that say that they really ARE going to tell it to you like it really is!!!! Yeah, right !!!!!

So here’s a line which will have you smiling !! I AM going to tell it to you like it is!!!!

There is no “easy ride” to internet marketing success or making money online!!

Firstly, it doesn’t really matter what you chose to market online. What does matter is the actual marketing! Make no mistake about this, the biggest factor if you wish to succeed in making money online is your ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN !! Isn’t it boring ?! Here I am saying something you don’t really want to hear!

All those gurus and other website owners brush over this when you’re on their landing page, or their sign-up page. It’s only after you’ve paid your bucks that they say “Of course, you’ll need to advertise in order to make money online”.

Admittedly, some of them make some sort of an attempt to give you some ideas on how and where to advertise, and in some cases they even supply you with pre-written ads, articles and banners. Well guess what?

Every time you click on one of the links on their site so that you can go do some advertising, you’re actually clicking on THEIR affiliate link and, if you upgrade from free member to a paid membership through those links, then they will get paid!!

Now, in itself, there’s nothing wrong with that, but by the time you’ve clicked on several of those links on their site, and consequently upgraded your membership on just a few of them, they have made quite a tidy little profit! So if they get, say, ten sign-ups a day then they are getting paid for their program and around 70% commission for every sign-up who upgrades to advertise using one of the links in their program. Could be quite a tidy income for them while you’re still wondering where to start !

Know this! To succeed at making money online or through internet marketing you must advertise, advertise, advertise !! And when you’ve finished doing that, then your next task is to advertise, advertise, advertise !! Then advertise some more !!

That means, whether you like what I say here or not, you have to get off your butt and do heaps of work !! Oh OK ! So you’ve read enough already and you’re going to click right on outa here right now !! That tells me that really, you’re not that serious about making money online, or you’re looking for the lazy man’s way to get to the megabucks !!

There is no easy or gentle way to tell you that, if you’re serious about internet marketing and making money online, you are going to have to work !! I mean really work – you’ll be working long hours to start with – and “to start with” can last anywhere from around three months to anything up to three years !!! Yep ! You heard right !!

I’m not going to go into what you’re marketing in this article – we can talk about that another time. For now, we’ll concentrate on what you can do to increase dramatically your chances of becoming successful in internet marketing or making money online.

By now, you’ve accepted the cold, hard facts ! You have to do heaps of work and you have to do heaps of advertising. ( Boring, aren’t I? I keep repeating this !!)

Once again, because this is an article and not a full length ebook, there’s a limit to what I can tell you here. But here’s one example of good advertising – you’re reading it right now ! An article !

Writing an article and submitting it to as many article publishers as you can is an excellent way to get fantastic, and practically instant exposure for your program, and a great way to get yourself known around the world of internet marketing. (The link to your site goes in your author’s box).

Ideally, you should be writing and submitting an article at least once every three days. Yep, you heard right ! There are several article marketers out there who will submit your article in bulk to the publishers, and they usually provide a ton of helpful info on their sites as to how to write your article.

You are allowed to submit a set number of articles each month for free through most article marketers, or you can upgrade for a monthly or annual fee in order to submit more articles. In my experience, the articles which get the best results are ones that you have written yourself. And don’t tell me that you can’t write !! You can talk, can’t you ?! Well, just write like you talk.It’s easy ! Really !

Don’t copy and submit one of the pre-written articles from your chosen program !! They’re not original enough and both the publishers and the search engines get a bit shirty about what appears to be duplicate material – after all, you and 50,000 others have just given them the same article!!

Don’t underestimate the power of email advertising. You’ll probably want to start off for free with these until you’ve got some seed money under your belt. But blasting out free emails means that they are not targeted specifically to your particular market customers. For example, you’re marketing hairclips, yet your free email ad winds up in the inbox of a motorcycle enthusiast !! Hmmm!!

But don’t worry too much. What this means is that you have to keep emailing, keep emailing, keep emailing, and then keep emailing !! Day after day, week after week, month after month !! It’s time consuming, but it’s free ! When you have some seed money, go for some targeted email campaigns. Shop around for these – the prices vary quite dramatically.

Blogs !! There are several sites where you can set up a blog for free. It’s a real learning curve, but get in there and just do it !!! The search engines love blogs, and they are undoubtedly a big factor in your impending success in internet marketing and making money online. And you can have more than one blog.

Lots of people with blogs have a comment box on their blogs. This is also a good place for you to advertise for free. You just add some comment relevant to the blogger’s topic, then add your own program url ( include the http:// ) beneath your name. Do HEAPS of this, you’ll get fantastic exposure.

Traffic Exchanges ! This is another very time consuming one, but if you really want to get ahead in internet marketing and making money online, then do this, too. Once again, you can start out for free – what that means is that you will need to spend a couple of hours each day surfing through the traffic exchanges. Once you have some seed money ( that’s money made online that you should now reinvest ) then you can start buying some credits which will cut down the amount of time that you need to be physically surfing.

I have by no means covered all the means by which you can advertise in order to succeed at internet marketing and making money online. But this WILL get you started.

My main aim here has been to make you ABSOLUTELY very well aware of the cold, hard facts that you MUST acknowledge and embrace before you have ANY hope of succeeding in making money online. You need a rock hard, granite-like mindset, utter determination, complete dedication, and bullet proof perseverance in order to succeed in the very exciting and very rewarding world of internet marketing.

Lynda Mekalick is an Internet Marketer from New Zealand. Her success has resulted from implementing educational programs which are available online . She writes articles based on her ten years experience as an internet marketer. Visit at and

Planet Antares: All You Need To Know About It

Planet Antares, also known as ‘the rival of Mars’ or ‘anti Mars’, is a class M supergiant star. Being a first magnitude star, Antares is as bright a star can ever get. Antares is approximately 600 light years from the solar system of sun and it is present in the Milky Way galaxy. Being the sixth brightest star, its visual luminosity is 10,000 times more than that of the Sun. The bolometric luminosity of Antares is approximately 65,000 times more than that of Sun’s. This is because a major part of star’s energy is expiated as infrared rays. Interestingly, the mass of this star is about 15 to 18 solar masses. Planet Antares has quite a low average density because of such a small mass and relatively large size.

Planet Antares – The Rival Of Mars

Because of the similarity with Mars and its appearance, Planet Antares has been given the name “rival of Mars”. While there are hundreds of questions that science and astronomy still need to answer about our solar system, galaxy and universe, space science has conducted study on evolution of stars and has come out with theories that can assist us in understanding Planet Antares in a better way.

Study has revealed that not only Antares is a red supergiant star; it has an amazing diameter which is approximately 700 times that of the sun. It has also been revealed that Antares is quite young as compared to sun, but surprisingly it is near the end of its total lifespan. The star has been there for nearly 20 million years, but due to its enormous size it is burning faster and radiating much more Infrared radiation than the sun does. Since it is a red supergiant, it is easily visible to earthlings.

Planet Antares can be viewed from the earth, and the best time to watch it is around May 31 each year. At this time, this particular star is in exact opposition to the Sun. To find Antares, you need to look directly into the heart of the Scorpion. During this time, the Antares rises during the dusk and then sets at the time of dawn. So during entire May, you can view this star all night long. Another notable fact is around November 30 for two to three weeks this star is absolutely invisible. This is because at this time the Antares is camouflaged by the sun’s glare.

There are still a number of questions that astrophysics, astrology and science need to answer. These questions -are: How did solar system came into existence? Does life exist anywhere except the planet Earth? How the galaxies got created? Is Planet Antares just another star or a planet? Scientists and researchers greatly differ on theories and have different apprehensions about this star. Everybody is still in the process of learning, and only by making constant endeavor we can better understand about the evolution of Planet Antares and other facts related to it.

Astronomy buff Edwin J. Oakenfold has been fascinated with space since he was a young boy. Today Edwin continues his research on space and the planet antares. Get more from Edwin on his blog Planet Antares Space.

Top 3 Singapore Mysteries You Must Know About

The surreal and fascinating land of Singapore has its fair share of mysteries, myths and legends. If you hop on to one of the typical international tour packages from Mumbai or Sydney, then you won’t get the chance to unearth these fun stories. But, there are several unique packages offered by Singapore tourism, which offers a crème de la crème of Singapore experience. It is by far a richer and invigorating holiday indeed. So, before you rush to book your vacation, explore what Singapore can offer you.

What does MacRitchie Reservoir Contain?

It is oldest reservoir in Singapore. It can part of few international tour packages from Mumbai, Beijing and Paris. But, your average singapore tourism websites and vacations do not indulge in this mysterious travel attraction. The rumour is that, in the dark and relatively unclean depths of this reservoir lies the ancient treasure of Japanese army. These rumours flooded a horde of local and international treasure hunters, who looked for the treasure in this reservoir. Yet, this unclaimed and well hidden treasure is still undiscovered. Would you like to take a shot at it?

Want to Take a Late Night Trip to Haunted Metro Stations?

Today, most metro stations are overcrowded with the passengers during rush hours to get any sightings of phantom passengers and ghosts. But, it was not the case in 1987-88. Two metro station offices received repeated complaints of the ghost sightings for quite some time. So, if you dare, you must visit Bishan MRT station and Novena MRT station during non-rush hours to check if you can catch a glimpse of headless figures or coffin bearers. You do not need a peculiar international tour package for it. You just need some free leisure time and the courage to dive into this mystery. Wouldn’t it be a fun memory when you head back home?

Did you Hear About the Unsolved Mystery of Mcdonald Boys?

Back in 1986, two primary school boys, Toh Hong Huat and Keh Chin Ann, vanished from their school. These two friends were last seen playing together around 12.30 in their school. In spite of a huge reward by McDonald and wide police search, these two kids were never discovered. With a crop of theories and mysterious stories, this is the most misleading and highly debated case among the locals till date.

Indulge into the rich and fascinating mysteries, urban legends, and unsolved mysteries of Singapore. Singapore tourism websites do not indulge it. These travel attractions are not part of popular international tour package too. But, it does heighten the drama and suspense of the trip. Make it a bright little adventure with these stories.

Ninad Chaudhari works as a Web UI Designer / Developer with Cox & Kings. Ninad is an ardent photographer and finds best deals on international tour packages from mumbai to pursue his passion. He recently explored the region via singapore holiday package from Cox & Kings and his albums are replete with fascinating pictures of this tour.

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