Also Known As DNA (AKA Investigations Series, Book 2)

Also Known As DNA (AKA Investigations Series, Book 2)

There is a mixture of humor, gut wrenching terror and emotional heartbreak amongst the action and romance. If anything, this story is even better than the first one.” ~TelstarNewly ensconced in the house on Manor Lane, Jobeth and Phoebe are enjoying the city of Lakewood, Colorado and Jobeth’s newly licensed AKA Investigations. After a fresh start in the Denver Metro region, life seems idyllic and full of promise. The dream is soon shattered by ghosts from the past, appearing to tear the fabric of love and trust. With the company of their friend, Detective Ginger Grant, a crecendoing battle of survival will test their courage, as they discover the darker permutations of DNA. One reviewer said: “…in true AKA Investigations style, events conspire to spiral out of control, testing the fortitude, depth of feeling and sheer courage of each of the characters. Nail-biting action and heart-stopping tension take the reader on a roller-coaster ride through the pages, piling one catastrophe on top of another and testing the characters to the limit. I wasn’t sure they’d all make it out alive in this one, but it sure had me turning the pages to find out. Baeli is at the top of her game here, delivering a book at once touching and full of odd, often humorous bits of wisdom and a storyline of exciting misadventure and action.

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2NE1 Missing You Gains another Award for This K-pop Group

The South Korean 4-member girl’s group is considered one of the top groups in the world today. They have cut several CD’s as well as won many awards in Asia. Under YG Entertainment management they are quickly becoming world renown, having hit the social media web really hard and having pictures and music all over the internet.

The name of this group is pronounced twenty one, or to anyone which combines the phrases “new evolution” and “21st century”. The girls making up this group are Minzy, CL, Bom, and Dara with most of their hit videos on YouTube.

2NE1 appeared in a commercial campaign for LG Electronics with Big Bang. This is when the group’s first single called “Fire” dropped on May 6, 2009. Since that date they have released several extended plays as well as a studio album, “To Anyone”. Out of this the girls have a number-one single that won “Song of the Year” at the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Their next 3 singles were also successful with “I Am the Best” winning them their 2nd “Song of the Year” for 2011.

These hot ladies of K-pop, 2NE1 have topped the digital charts with everything they have released and are sweeping all the major music charts. They are currently planning a World Tour in 2014 and have already toured most of Asia.

2NE1 have changed the stereotype of Korean girl groups into significantly more than just well-toned bodies with pretty faces. These girls are a unique presence in the K-pop scene of today. Their fashion and edgy style takes them to a place in K-pop that even the boys have had problems reaching. They are confident and have a stage presence that is full of personality. They are much like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga in having a very unique style.

On the December 5th episode of M Countdown, the girls racked up another win for 2NE1 “Missing You”. In factor the stage that night was a total re-creation of a scene from the video for that song even to the point of the same outfits. Many in the music industry have said that 2NE1 is headed for a global takeover.

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퍼포먼스 강자! 틴탑의 미공개 신곡 [손만 잡고 잘게] 최초 공개

TEENTOP, the strong performers, will release their unrevealed song [Because I Care] for the very first time!
Be heard for the First Time, First Live [Mnet Present]
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Limited Responsibilities

Limited Responsibilities

Limited Responsibilities explores the interaction between the criminal justice system and the wider concerns of political and social institutions, including the welfare state, social work and forensic psychiatry. Using the key concept of `responsibility’, Tamar Pitch critiques the classical theories of Anglo-American and Italian criminologies, examining the allocation of responsibilities to individuals and society. Looking at the shifting political relationship between criminal justice and the welfare system, Pitch considers the problems which arise in our understandings of responsibility, particularly in relation to the young and the mentally disabled. She also documents the centrality of responsiblity as an issue in women’s struggles for legislation on sexual violence, as a paradigm of the politicisation of notions of crime, victimization and criminal responsibility. Limited Responsiblities will be of interest to lecturers, students and professionals in criminology, social policy and women’s studies.

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Your Child’s Emotional, Social, And Intellectual Development

Recent research on the brain shows a dramatic spurt in learning between ages 4 and 10-when the brain is most biologically equipped to learn. Although the brain can learn new skills throughout life, it will never again be quite as active and receptive as it is during these years. During this time the brain eagerly seeks information from the senses as it decides which brain cell connections to keep and which ones to eliminate. Connections that are not reinforced by stimulation from the outside world are trimmed away until; by about age 12, the brain’s basic architecture has been formed. Learning a foreign language and other skills such as playing a musical instrument become more difficult after age 12 because the brain has to work harder and more indirectly to commit these skills to memory by building new connections and breaking apart old ones. For instance, a child under 10 years old who moves to the United States from a foreign country can pick up English with ease, while his or her parents struggle to learn the language and, if they do, never completely lose their native accent. Music lessons affect the physical wiring of the brain by increasing spatial reasoning (the ability to recognize variations in the shapes and positions of physical objects), a skill that is used in physics, mathematics, and engineering.

While you should expose your child to learning opportunities-such as music lessons, athletics, dance, and foreign languages-don’t overload him or her with too many activities or force him or her to do them. Let your child choose the activities he or she enjoys. One or two extracurricular activities is plenty for a school-age child because most activities require a degree of emotional and physical investment. Praise your child’s achievements-successful experiences create a positive self-image. Children this age tend to take criticism personally and don’t know how to accept

Although you can’t guarantee your child will be a prodigy by signing him or her up for music lessons at a young age, learning music will be a lot easier now than when he or she gets older. Although people can learn to play a musical instrument at any age, they can do it much more effortlessly before age 12. Give your child the opportunity to learn to play an instrument-but don’t force the issue if he or she isn’t having fun.

Try to encourage your child to be active in music. You can encourage them by making them look at other children who know how to play instruments. If possible buy you child a small instrument such as a keyboard, guitar etc. This will make them become more curious about playing instruments. Once they play a note or two correctly or incorrectly, praise them and encourage them. Also try to make their instrument learning time experience to be a fun time for the child. This will make them associate doing their practice a positive experience. Once you make it a positive experience, your child will always be longing to go and practice.