Another doctor tests positive to Lassa fever in LUTH

…3 earlier positive doctors discharged

•Lassa outbreak tapering off, but we must remain vigilant – CMD


By Azoma Chikwe

Chief Medical Director, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, Idi Araba, Prof Chris Bode said, yesterday, that another doctor had tested positive to Lassa fever.

The new case was among the doctors under surveillance, who had close contact with the index, and she has already commenced treatment and is expected to recover fully very soon.

“Psychological and other supports have also been provided and her family contacts are closely monitored,” the CMD said.

He stated that three doctors admitted with confirmed Lassa fever in the teaching hospital have all been certified fit and discharged home as subsequent repeated tests on them showed that they tested negative for Lassa and no longer harbour the disease.

Last week, two patients were brought to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital and later diagnosed with Lassa fever. Three doctors who closely attended to the first patient later tested positive for the disease and were admitted, while 135 other contacts had been followed up.

However, it was gathered that 70 of the contacts that were being followed up have also been let off, having completed their period of observation.  He said over 400 LUTH staff attended a grand round on Viral Hemorrhagic Fever yesterday at which various aspects of this contagious ailment were discussed.

The importance of a high index of suspicion, early diagnosis and referral were highlighted to medical workers who were also enjoined to observe universal precautions while attending to any patient who may be suspected of having Lassa fever.

The CMD spoke further: “There is a fully equipped response squad available round the clock to assess and take over the management of any suspected cases in LUTH. Various meetings have been held with doctors and other members of staff to reinforce these messages. Trainings have also been conducted and are ongoing for staff at the forefront of patients’ care. Both the Federal Ministry of Health and the Lagos State Ministry of Health have supported LUTH with the provision of more drugs and Personal Protective Equipment, follow up services and decontamination. Free hand sanitizers have been deployed to various wards.

“Ebola Containment Trust Fund, a non-governmental organisation has provided 10 telephones and airtime for the use of our Lassa Fever Response Team in LUTH. The team has been beefed up by several volunteer staff who are working assiduously to overcome this dreaded disease and we are optimistic, buoyed by the successful discharge of those three doctors who had earlier tested positive.”

Prof. Bode said that an internal enquiry had been empaneled to audit possible breaches in established service protocols and any other reasons that resulted into hospital personnel getting infected.

He added that the disease was gradually tapering off but noted “we must remain vigilant while ongoing efforts are maintained to control the disease. LUTH Management thanks all stakeholders and the Press for their continued support.

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Stencil Art Is Another Pleasure Art

Vibrant colors speak directly to the heart with its effervescence flowing all over the body. Stencil art is another pleasure art that embraces the beauty of the world. Each drop of the stencil spray reacts with our biological blood to create a sensation travelling down to feet and passing it onto the earth of which we are made. The oneness of the being with the fellow creation is experienced through its depiction with colors. Delight & Insight are the two things focused while painting a stencil. The colors delight the eyes and the view gives an insight (of a foreseer) to the viewer. This is a reason that stencil art is also a component constituting street art. The master piece resulting out of stencil is also called a stencil.

The art is done by spraying or painting the colors from the holes of a stencil. The modern method of art has revolutionized the artistry field. The art also known as Stencil Graffiti Art appears almost everywhere in houses, industries, offices, shops and even streets. Its appearance is extremely common because it can be easily customized as per the requirement. The stencil can be cut into various art designs, geometric figures & alphabet letters of different fonts resulting in master pieces after painting. Another edge of stencil over other arts is the time. It takes lesser time to paint than any other kind of painting. Street art mostly exhibits stencils because it takes them only one night to paint the marvelous artistic pieces. The rebirth of city takes place with the public sleeping & dreaming at night. The dream of a colorful kingdom comes true with the stunning bright, lively and multihued morning dedicated to them by artists. Stencil art is awe-inspiring that it just needs an ignition to get indulged in for life. The art is a process in disguise having the following terminology:

Stencil Weapon: A stencil is a cardboard, paper, plastic, metal or any other material that is cut into different designs as per requirement and painted through the holes. The weapon for the art the stencil makes the painting easier with the holes defining particular features of the actual painting without any distortion. These are reusable provided if these are maintained well. Therefore you can create the exact similar master pieces again and again with the same stencil which is not possible in other forms of art.

Stencil Graffiti or Art: The art produced by the stencil is also called stencil. That’s why we call it as stencil art or we can say that we derive a stencil from a stencil.

Stencil Artist: An artist can only understand the stencil art because it is not just about filling the colors into the holes but much more i.e. giving life to the painting. An artist can do that not a technician of wires. They follow the footsteps of the soul to give birth to the vibrant artistry.

Stencil Art Commercialization: These master pieces are lavish in nature & worth many dollars because the soul of artist lives by the life of painting. The art is displayed in exhibitions & people love to pay anything in order to personally indulge into the paintings. Even Street Art involving stencil is also meant for sale sometimes.

Inspiring it was for me to write about stencil art and tempting it would be for the audiences to read it. Indulge in it to quench the thirst of art within you. is a concieve source of all type of stencil art because stencil technique in visual art it allow you to reproduce a pattern or design over and over again, as many times as you like.

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England Wins While Sven Screws Another Team

What another great couple of days of international football played all over the globe. If there’s anything that shows the universality of football (apart from the World Cup itself), it’s the fact that qualifiers are played on all continents at pretty much the same time.

Not to mention the passion shown by both players and fans alike when the national team is on show. These last couple of days have given a good indication as to which teams will be there in 2010 and which ones won’t be.

Firstly, starting with Africa, which wrapped up Round 2 of its qualifying campaign on the weekend. Most of the big teams have gone safely through to the third and final round of African qualifying, however a notable absentee is Senegal who could only muster a draw with Gambia in their final game at home. This led to scenes of chaos and riots in the streets of Dakar, which is justified, given higher expectations since the team qualified for the 2002 World Cup. However, violence is not what football needs even if emotions take over and hopefully there won’t be a repeat of similar scenes in the next qualifying round.

Another notable team to be eliminated was Angola, which proves that their 2006 trip to Germany was just a one-off. It’s safe to say that apart from Cameroon and Nigeria, the teams that go to the World Cup from Africa changes significantly every time. Stability is not a common theme in Africa in all contexts, not just sporting. The next round of qualifying involves the remaining 20 teams who will be divided into 5 groups of 4 on the 22 October in Zurich. The top team of each team will go to South Africa in 2010 while the 2nd and 3rd place qualify for the African Cup of Nations.

Moving onto Asia where 10 teams are vying for 4.5 places in South Africa, Group A saw Australia taking full control of the group by thrashing Qatar at home 4-0 while Uzbekistan got back on track with their first point in the qualifying campaign away to Japan. Qatar’s home games against Japan is shaping up to be a key game into determining who will stay up to the Australian team.

Meanwhile, in Group B the top 4 teams are now all tied on 4 points a piece with the UAE last on 0 points. Normally losing your first 3 games would prove disastrous but inconsistent results from the other teams have meant that the UAE are still in the running for a spot in South Africa. The group is wide open and with 6 games to go, it’s anyone’s game.

In European qualifying, there were no shock results, only some surprises. In Group 1, Portugal is having its work cut out with inconsistent results placing it in 3rd place after 4 games. This will need to improve quick time because before the know it they will be a tight and tense tussle just to be runners up and make the playoff.

In Group 2, the Swiss surprised the Greeks in Athens but the Greeks and the Israelis remain in control of the group. Meanwhile in Group 3, the Czechs are second last in their group, although with one game in hand and they will need to make their move in the next couple of games to remain in contention. The Germans and the Spaniards continue to produce the results and are comfortably leading Group 4 and Group 5.

Group 6 sees England enjoying its best start to a qualifying campaign with full points after 4 games. However, their performances on the pitch have not been spectacular and criticism continues from all corners of England.

Group 7 sees France in a tight situation after a disappointing draw with Romania at the weekend and has to make a move in the next couple of games. Removing Domenech from his post would be a good start in my opinion. Group 8 and Group 9 sees the Italian and the Dutch leading their groups comfortably.

The CONCACAF qualifying tournament saw 4 teams say goodbye to South Africa while there were some shock results in Group 2. Group 1 saw the US go through to the final round of qualifying with an easy win over Cuba and then they took a breather by letting Trinidad & Tobago win a couple of days later. This puts T&T in a great position to go through to the next stage of qualifying.

Group 2 saw Mexico stumble not once but twice. Firstly, they lost surprisingly to the Jamaicans in Kingston and then barely drew with the Canadians in Edmonton. While this still leaves Mexico in first place, they could still be knocked out in this stage if they lose away to Honduras and if Jamaica beat the Canadians comfortably. It’s unlikely though, however Mexico should have gone through a long time ago. I suspect that both the Hondurans and Mexicans will negotiate a draw which will put them both through and this will not please the Jamaicans.

Meanwhile, Group 3 has pretty much wrapped up with one game to go. Costa Rica and El Salvador are safety to the final round of qualifying to begin next year.

Finally, to the toughest and longest qualifying campaign, CONMEBOL. Rounds 9 and 10 were played in the last couple of days, passing the halfway point of the campaign and we are already seeing which teams will go through and which won’t. The best performing team was Paraguay with 2 victories and they now comfortably lead the tournament with 23 points after 10 games. 3 more victories and they will be passed the important threshold of 30 points.

The worst performing team were the Peruvians with 2 losses, leaving them at the foot of the table with just 7 points. They now need to win every game they have to play in order to make the World Cup. Bolivia, who is in second last position are pretty much in the same situation. Brazil showed its inconsistency once again by thrashing the Venezuelans firstly and then barely drawing with the Colombians at home. They are nevertheless in second position and look a sure bet to through.

Argentina is also cruising in 3rd spot with 16 points. 4th and 5th place are up for grabs and the teams that will by vying for them are Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and Ecuador. The last 8 rounds will provide some great drama and entertainment.

There you go, that’s a summary of the latest batch of World Cup qualifiers. South Africa in 2010 feels closer every time these qualifiers are played even if we’re still a year and a half away. However, this only means that there will be more drama and entertainment for football fans worldwide. Long live football!

Martin Sejas is the chief writer of, a leading sports news football website known for its fearless and critical analysis of the major issues affecting the beloved game of football.


In our present day lives, we all have become familiar with the term ‘e-crime’. With the staggering increase in the number of reported cases associated with e-crime, businesses nowadays are spending much more resources and energy on the issue of how to tackle with this modern day nuisance that has threatened the privacy of almost every individual and organization. Ponemon Institute reported an increase of 37% e-crimes during the past year. Giant retailers and multinationals like Tesco and Target, who have highly sophisticated and authentic anti-cyber crime policies and measures, have also been affected by this issue and seem helpless in this effective prevention of their data. In the beginning, when the whole Information Technology scenario was at its primal stages, on one could have imagined that how disastrous and widespread negative impact it will have in the future. Definitely, almost no one in this modern day globalized environment would be able to deny the several fruits and advantages of information technology and also the endless amount of ease and convenience that it has bestowed on us. But certainly, like every other present day invention, it also has certain strings attached to it or in other words, there are some serious drawbacks of grave concern that are attached with its usage. E-crime, cyber hacking, privacy violation and identity theft are several of the great threats that pose a great deal of coercion for businesses.
As every individual is now a part of cyber world either directly or indirectly, therefore on one now is safe from the mental torture and distress caused by e-crimes. The felonies of these types involve some kind of unauthorized access by a third party to your confidential data, data interference and system intrusion, identity theft, electronic fraud and duplication and deletion of someone’s private files and documents without their knowledge and consent. E- Commerce and e – business security are inter related with each other as they both deal with the same threats and issues that are cultivated by cyber crime. E-business security is a continuous process that involves several preventive measures that are being taken by companies in order to secure their highly confidential and important information.
It should also be noted that most of the organizations are not very much enthusiastic and eager to take effective data security measures, perhaps due to the complicacy and intricacies attached with such measures. But the fact is, modern day technological data prevention measures are very much flexible, easy to use and also a lot reliable and less expensive from the traditional ones. For instance, back in the day, offices used to employ the services of IT experts and technicians for deployment of such measures. But nowadays, the scenario is contrary. Cyber crimes do occur typically when there is certain kind of loop hole in the data security sphere including lack of interest by organizations to encrypt their data effectively and password protecting their relevant documents and projects. This data can then be used by hackers to gain monetary benefits, harm company’s reputation and brand market position.

In order to prevent the highly confidential company records it is highly necessary and essential for them to use those file encryption software that are genuine, reliable, easy to use and provide military grade security. Also, companies need to curtail the access they give their employees to those confidential records, as insiders can also leak this information to competitors for monetary gains. Protecting these records by locking them with strong passwords is also a great option and also businessmen should avoid carrying highly important data while travelling to prevent data theft, as public places are a hotspot for such malicious activities.

author,blogger,ispired by my grandmother, Minnie Phillips, as one of her major writing influences

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