Toward highly functional devices using multi-ferroics 5

Toward highly functional devices using multi-ferroics

8 Views [Keio Spintronics Network – Kimura’s Laboratory , Osaka University] At Osaka Universitys Graduate School of Engineering Science, the Kimura Laboratory is studying phenomena where dielectric and magnetic properties are interrelated. This research has several aims: to design and synthesize various materials; to precisely measure their structural, magnetic, and dielectric properties; to understand these […]

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Trends in Functional Programming 4 6

Trends in Functional Programming 4

11 ViewsTrends in Functional Programming 4 This book collects the latest research developments in the use of functional programming languages. The contents highlight major research goals and engineering concerns in the subject including:. real-time and resource-bounded functional programming. connections between static analysis methods and functional programming. implementation of mobile code functional languages. automated testing of […]

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Functional Training Handbook 9

Functional Training Handbook

31 ViewsFunctional Training Handbook Reach a whole new level of physical training with Functional Training Handbook, whose big-picture approach to movement fosters lifelong health, mobility, and athletic development. This practical guide delivers clear, how-to- information, an array of sport-specific guidelines, and key principles that will keep your clients at peak performance. Join the revolution to […]

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Functional Electrical Rehabilitation 11

Functional Electrical Rehabilitation

17 ViewsFunctional Electrical Rehabilitation On one of my returns to California, I attended the “Disabilities Expo 88” at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Among the various marvels oftech- nology for the wheelchair disabled were stair-climbing wheelchairs, self- raising and lowering kitchen cabinetry, and even a completely accessible “dude ranch” experience. At the same time, as […]

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