What are Fungi?

25 Views The fungi–including various mushrooms, molds, and yeasts–are critical players in the forest ecosystem. This video set explores the various roles of fungi as parasites, decomposers, and cooperative partners with trees, and feature the research of Harvard scientist Anne Pringle. Presented by the Harvard Museum of Natural History Intended for classroom use only! A […]

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Paul Stamets - The Future is Fungi [how to save the planet] 5

Paul Stamets – The Future is Fungi [how to save the planet]

10 Views Probably one of the most interesting hour and a half science related lectures you will ever watch. Packed with all sorts of invaluable information. I have created a new youtube channel for all mushroom related things, please subscribe there: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC3tAVh_QNTnpewDMZgSFAw?feature=watch The fungal-fantastical. Emerging from their axial homes, fungi are beginning to be understood […]

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How To Kill The Fungi On Your Nail?

13 ViewsAre you embarrassed to let somebody see your nails because it is discolored and uneven? Do you want to have normal nails and wear sandals or open shoes outside your house? If you do, then, you need to kill the fungi that live underneath your nails. It’s very understandable for you to feel this […]

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