Gertrude Baniszewski – Crime Scene

This video is made for the Sylvia Likens Case. This is the true story behind the movie the girl next door. Video Rating: / 5 【欢迎订阅湖南卫视官方频道:】 ▪ 本期精彩 – 侦探队员实力cos,“何尔萌”合体,王嘉尔惊喜变“美队”! ▪ 明星大侦探Facebook粉丝专页: 湖南卫视《明星大侦探》超清播放列表: 简介: 《明星大侦探》作为中国首档明星推理综艺秀,节目创意源自韩国《犯罪现场》,内容包括“30%跌宕剧情+40%综艺搞笑+30%智能推理”。每期节目6位嘉宾参与,1人扮演侦探,5人为嫌疑人。每期节目解决1起不可思议的杀... »

Gertrude Weil

Gertrude Weil

Gertrude Weil It is so obvious that to treat people equally is the right thing to do,” wrote Gertrude Weil (1879-1971). In the first-ever biography of Weil, Leonard Rogoff tells the story of a modest southern Jewish woman who, while famously private, fought publicly and passionately for the progressive causes of her age. Born to a prominent family in Goldsboro, North Carolina, Weil never mar... »

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