Why Earning More Money Is Easy

If you are like me, your email box is usually flooded with junk mails screaming for your attention with titles like ‘Earn money fast and easy!’ or ‘Attract money instantly’. Do you open and read these mails or do you just simply delete them and mentally scolding the person who sends you these spam mails?

Sure, most of these mails will be asking you to buy something. However, we have been conditioned that earning more money is not easy and so, our tendencies to delete these mails is much higher. If you do just that, will you be missing something?

I bet that when you read the title of this article, you will think that I am going to debunk all these get rich quick, money making schemes by people who just want to get their hands on your money, right? You have expected me to tear apart this myth that money can be made easily. Well, although some of the senders of these emails may be scam artists, I am convinced that money can be made easily and legitimately, especially over the internet.

Don’t worry, I am not going to ask you for a single dime or to join any get rich quick schemes. In fact, I am giving away free ebooks about attracting money on my blog. Just click the links at the end of this article to visit my blog.

The days of having to work hard to make money are over for those who know how to make easy money over the internet. Of course, you have to put in some work to create your websites or blogs to create multiple sources of passive income.

Why am I sharing this with you? This is because I believe that the more we give and share, the more we shall receive. Even if this thinking is not true, then it will still make me feel good if people are getting better life because they are making more money.

You see, if you believe that you have to work hard to make money, then your mind will work in that direction and earning easy money will forever be a myth for you. If you believe that it is difficult to earn a lot of money, then you will be sabotaging yourself because you will not find ways to make easy money. Your closed mindset will not allow you to think of the possibilities and ways of making easy money.

There are numerous ways to earn money on the internet even if you have no products of your own. One way is to host advertisements on your sites and the most popular pay-per-click is to host Google’s advertiser’s advertisements commonly known as Google Adsense. All you need to do is to create a website or a blog and Google will put relevant ads on your site and any who clicks on those ads, you will be paid a commission.

Another way is to promote products of merchants. This is called affiliate marketing. It simply works this way. You join an affiliate program, promote products of merchants and when someone buys something from the merchants you are promoting on your websites and blogs, you get paid.

Of course, you must then drive targeted visitors to your sites and make them click on your ads or buy the products you are promoting. If you search the net, you will find many books and courses on how to drive traffic to your sites.

In this way, you can earn easy money over the internet by just setting up websites or blogs. Your visitors are like shoppers in a shopping mall and your websites and blogs are the shops in the mall. If there are no shoppers coming into your shop, then you will have no business and there goes your dream of making easy money on the internet. So do your homework and then watch the trickle of money coming your way until it becomes a cascade. Who says earning more money is not easy?

Chris Chew is an internet marketer. Get your free ebooks here Attract wealth and
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Ladies Fashion Magazines – More than Just the Latest Celebrity Gossip

Tell me about the latest celebrity gossip you have come across! There would be many replies to this query obviously. The craze for information can be considered as a basic human trait. It would be erring to refer that news holds no importance in our lives. We have come across various modes of communication, starting from newspapers and journals till magazines which have facilitated us with apt information regarding the events occurring nearby and around the world. Many countries have specific newspapers and magazines which are dedicated to conveying the general events to the indigenous as well as the world population. Fashion magazines have also garnered admirations from all sectors of the society and are becoming a staple requisite for fashion enthusiast around the globe.

The increasing importance of newspapers in Nigeria can be apprehended from the proliferation of competent news agencies. You can easily get in touch with Nigeria news today with the various newspapers publishing detailed account of the events happening in and around Nigeria. Major sectors such as sports, lifestyle trends and current affairs are clearly demonstrated in the print media as well as the online medium through their websites. News reporting and journalism has shifted shapes drastically and the pace of the industry is at an all time high since we can get acquainted with fresh news within minimal time duration.

Nigeria news today has changed radically than it was in the past. Earlier, we had a few magazines in Nigeria some of which were run by the government. However, the competition has escalated two folds considering the emergence of more flexible and visually appealing media such as television and the internet. Countering the competition can be possible only through the publication of articles which are free from any redundancies. The content of the magazine must be the product of detailed research of the relevant subject or else chances of its recognition by users are rare.

Fashion magazines, however tend to differ and are packed up with substantial information and the latest celebrity gossip which can definitely lure in a lot of readers. You can find varied fashion magazines for both sexes on the shelves of prominent newspaper stands. The preference of these magazines is unambiguous for both men and women as both sects can extract resourceful information regarding the lives of their favored celebrities and happening events in the fashion industry. Celebrity interviews and the upcoming events in their lives are some of the significant news materials which can engage readers.

Apart from the latest celebrity gossip, fashion magazines impart vital options for modifying the way you look depending upon your preferences. The alternatives to high-end fashion provided in fashion magazines are a great relief for conservative fashion enthusiasts. Moreover, you have the opportunity to derive information and suggestions regarding various grooming essentials such as makeup, wardrobes, health, fitness and hairstyles. These magazines are also equipped with appropriate advice on maintaining a healthy and ambient sexual relationship with your partner. Thus the significance of a fashion magazine is valid not only for women but also for the male population too.

Nelson Paul always keeps abreast of the Nigeria news today. The author is a frequent visitor to MDMagNigeria.com which is the leading ladies fashion magazine online showcasing multicultural fashion, latest celebrity gossip and lifestyle, and entertainment from all over Africa and beyond.

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SERAP seeks more protection for EFCC officials

Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has urged the acting President Pro. Yemi Osinbajo to order the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Kpotun Idris, to lead the investigation of Wednesday’s attack by gunmen on the headquarters of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Abuja.

The organization emphasized the need to ensure the safety and security of those in the frontline of the fight against corruption.

It pointed out that the attack amounted to threat to the lives of officials of the commission urged government to bring anyone suspected to be responsible to justice without delay.

The EFCC had on Wednesday reported attack on its Abuja premises and a death threat to its official, Ishaku Sharu, who heads the Foreign Exchange Malpractices Fraud Section and oversees corruption investigation involving several politically exposed persons. This followed another attack on EFCC investigator, Austin Okwor, who was shot and wounded by unknown assailants in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

In a statement issued Friday by SERAP deputy director Timothy Adewale the organization said, “We stand with the EFCC as it works to carry out its mandates to prevent and combat grand corruption.

“We condemn any attacks against the agency and its officials which are clearly aimed at harassing, intimidating and stopping them from prosecuting grand corruption cases. We urge the EFCC to remain steadfast to its mandates and not be intimidated by these attacks and threats.”

The statement further read in part: “SERAP urges Prof. Osinbajo to instruct the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice Abubakar Malami (SAN) and the Inspector General of Police, (IGP), Ibrahim Kpotun Idris to immediately improve the system of protection for the officials of EFCC and other anti-corruption agencies.

“Promoting and ensuring the safety and security of those in the frontline of the fight against corruption is the surest way to demonstrate the government’s commitment to combat the problem and end impunity of perpetrators.

“The protection, safety and security of anti-corruption agencies and their officials is absolutely critical to fighting grand corruption and holding those in power to account. The absence of enhanced protection and security for the EFCC and other anti-corruption agencies could ruin the government’s anti-corruption efforts and weaken citizens’ trust and confidence in its ability to effectively and successfully prosecute grand corruption.”

The post SERAP seeks more protection for EFCC officials appeared first on The Nation Nigeria.

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How Can We Encourage More Girls to Adore Science, Engineering, Engineering, & Math (STEM)

Although improvements are being made together with the increased involvement of girls in science-related careers, there is still a significant under-representation of girls, especially among minority girls.

First, they found that the classroom environments in schools were not conducive to encouraging girls to pursue passions in these kinds of careers. Another key variable was a lack of female role-models who could supply boost and inspiration in addition to demonstrate how to balance their lives between family life and careers. Other significant variables comprise girls maybe not being well prepared for the requirements of these fields along with not being supported by men and women around them. Furthermore, these women experience more discrimination and prejudice against them in the office in both hiring practices and in chances for progress. These discriminatory practices also include differences in salaries between women as well as their male counterparts along with the practice of seeing girls in these standings at a lower-status than their male colleagues. Finally, it is more difficult in general for girls in the workplace to balance careers and families, but it is even more so for STEM livelihoods because they’re often more time consuming due to requiring prolonged instruction, and this may cause the sacrifice of family lifestyle or livelihood targets for these women.

But these variables do not have to smash a woman’s dream to work in all of the STEM livelihoods. Their hope is the results will help to knock-down the hurdles and provide to all our budding scientists and engineers the attitudes, behaviors, chances and resources that lead to success. (BFOSE XIV 2010)

The findings suggest that the lower numbers of women in STEM livelihoods could be counteracted by particular changes. Firstly, it is important for schools to get quality science applications that use hands-on materials and experiments, not just learning through text books. This is exceptionally crucial in poorer school districts where these items might not be readily available. Teachers must also be advised to provide more pleasure science classes and tasks, along with the district and neighborhood should support them and make the necessary resources accessible like BrainCake’s The Lady Solution Gender Equity Tool Kit. These tasks should also be geared more towards woman interests. Successful female scientists ought to be encouraged to speak to classes, and girl-concentrated science clubs such as the GEMS club should be produced to provide them with the assurance, support, and assets they need to attain success. What’s more, multimedia assets should be used to help make science come alive like viewing celebrated science programs on tv or on DVD like PBS’s NOVA and playing interactive games on the Internet like those located at Science News for Kids. In addition, parents and teachers can schedule excursions to science museums & summer vacation science camps like Sally Trip’s Camps as well as provide use of good female role models, mentors, & organizations. Finally, everybody can provide boost, help daughters to set goals, and create chances in order for them to improve their favorable science experiences and self-assurance. National Girls Collaborative Project and Increasing Your Horizons Community are just two organizations which will help make this possible.

Another study published in February 2010 called Why Therefore Few Women in Science, Engineering, Engineering, and Mathematics by Catherine Hill, PhD, Christianne Corbett, and Andresse St. Rose, Ed.D. concentrate on how families, schools, and communities can encourage girls to conquer obstacles to help them enter STEM professions. At once, as a way to defeat the gender inequalities and social stereotypes, it is important to trust that intelligence isn’t fixed, but it’s something that may be nurtured and developed which assists level the playing field and indicates that girls have only as much potential to learn and flourish in these areas as boys. Another important aspect in improving girls’ opportunities of shining in these fields is to supply them with spatial coaching to grow their spatial skills. This is done merely by encouraging them to construct matters, simply take them aside, and then put them back together again. Pulling and working with their hands on several different projects may also help accentuate their spatial skills.

So how can we encourage more girls into STEM areas The answers might appear simple, but background tells us that change isn’t simple. Afterward we must provide the options, experiences, abilities, and resources that are required to get the job finished. If we all can not locate any in our communities, then we must look to other communities for aid or start new ones, and the Internet is full of practically endless resources that we’re able to utilize to jumpstart any idea or plan. What is it that you’re waiting for

Tyrone Peck is the writer and owner of famousfemalescientists.com . I really love providing my opinions plus encourages your current remarks

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