Russia Propaganda Campaign is Covering Internal Fraud/Crimes & ESCALATING

9 Views Links: 9/11 type deception commission to sell need for new system of machines to better control outcomes: Gillibrand, Graham Want 9/11-Style Commission on Russian Interference James Woolsly Led Report at Brennan Institute Outline: Jake Braun, DHS Liason and Global Capital Investment Profile Who Arranged Hacking Demonstrations at Def Con: For FULL […]

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Propaganda, the Press and Conflict 5

Propaganda, the Press and Conflict

36 ViewsPropaganda, the Press and Conflict An incisive analysis of the use of the press for propaganda purposes during conflicts, using the first Gulf War and the intervention in Kosovo as case studies. As the contemporary analysis of propaganda during conflict has tended to focus considerably upon visual and instant media coverage, this book redresses […]

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