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WATCH This FUNGUS Infested Foot HEAL!!!

Miracles STILL HAPPEN today! Watch and witness how a young boy who suffered from a serious, fungal skin disease for eight years was healed after receiving prayer from TB Joshua in Jesus’ name. Truly, with God, all things are possible!

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You might see some of these 11 bizarre and creepy looking fungi around the world here are what they’re called and if they are edible.

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6. The Bitter Oyster Mushroom
This mushroom is found in the local regions of North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia where it grows in clusters located mostly on oak, birch, and beech trees. Bitter oysters happen to be one of the manly bioluminescent mushrooms that exist and it’s only the eastern North American strain that is able to glow, unlike the Pacific strain. It’s thanks to this species of mushroom that the term foxfire was coined by the early settlers. Fun fact: This mushroom is classified as being bioremediation as it has the power to absorb the toxins from environmental pollutants and is able to break down lignin.

5. Stemonitis fusca
This is a species of slime mold that isn’t actually a fungus, however, it was at one point that is was classified in the same kingdom. Sometimes they’re still grouped together as a means of convenience. These eukaryotic organisms are able to live as single cells but combine into multicellular reproductive structures. This type of slime mold can be found in small groups forming on dead wood. It’s recognized by its slender stalks that hold up the sporangia that only grows to a height of around 6 to 20 millimeters tall. There’s over 900 documented species of slime mold that exist all over the world.

4. The Blue Milk Mushroom
The more common name for this edible mushroom is the indigo milk cap and it can be found in several different areas of the world including East Asia, Central America, and eastern North America, which is why they’re most often found in Chinese, Mexican, and Guatemalan food dishes. When the mushroom is cut open or broken it leaks an indigo milk or as it’s referred to “latex” and the mushroom begins to change into a green color once exposed to oxygen. This species of mushroom is definitely considered to be one of the most beautiful, yet, weird species in the world.

3. The False Morel Mushroom
Also known as the brain mushroom and you can see why the false morel will definitely prove to be fatal if ingested raw and not properly prepared. A good number of people have died. False morels are actually considered as a famous delicacy in areas such as Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and in the regions of the Great Lakes of North America. In certain places in the world, it’s illegal to sell, in others, it must come with a warning label. The safety of its consumption has been recently brought into question as it’s been noted that even if properly prepared, toxins in the mushroom can still remain and quite a number of people have developed acute toxicity. So, there could very well be some long-term health effects related to this mushroom.

2. The Bleeding Tooth Fungus
Hydnellum peckii is an interesting looking inedible mushroom that is definitely not something you want to try and eat. What you see in the following photo is a young bleeding tooth fungus that is secreting a red liquid. It’s not blood or anything, even though it does resemble it. It’s really just a liquid that is filled with anticoagulant properties. That means it’s capable of preventing blood clots. When the fungus ages it turns brown and looks unrecognizable compared to its youth. They’re most common in North America but are also found in other parts of the world.

1. The Amanita muscaria
More commonly referred to as the fly agaric, this mushroom is very famous for its psychoactive properties. Not only that, but this mushroom is also considered to be highly poisonous, that is, if it’s eaten raw and not properly detoxified first. Careful, though, there’s no antidote but there are several methods as far as treatment goes. Under several different laws and ordinances, the Amanita muscaria is illegal in The United Kingdom, Australia, and The Netherlands. This fungus also happens to be quite famous in pop culture what with being featured in the Super Mario Bros. franchise and in the Alice and Wonderland book to name a few.
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Bus Station Attacks in Nigeria: This Just In

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Two bombs ripped through a crowded bus station in the Nigerian capital of Abuja on Monday, killing at least 71 and injuring over 100 people. Although no one has immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, suspicion fell on the militant Islamist group Boko Haram, which has been carrying out an insurgency in northeastern Nigeria for the past several years. Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan suggested while visiting the scene of the blasts that Boko Haram was responsible for the attack, which is the first to occur in the capital in two years.

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‘This Is About Bigotry!’ Hannity, Atheist, and Pastors Argue Over Religious Freedom

‘This Is About Bigotry!’ Hannity, Atheist, and Pastors Argue Over Religious Freedom

A Fox News host, an atheist, and two Christian pastors fought tonight over religious liberty and whether, as Marco Rubio said, Christianity could soon be deemed hate speech.

American Atheists president David Silverman told Sean Hannity no one’s forcing Christian pastors to marry gays and the “attacks,” if any, are against “bigotry” and not any religion.

Pastors Robert Jeffress and Dr. Samuel Rodriguez warned that people will soon “come after those who believe in traditional marriage” and when that happens, “America as we know it will cease to exist.”

Silverman clashed with both of them and Hannity, insisting “This is about bigotry!” Jeffress shot back that Silverman only believes in freedom of religion as long as it’s in the privacy of their own home or place of worship.

Rodriguez went so far as to say that there is bigotry at play here, but it’s “bigotry against Christians.”

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Fox News Sean Hannity
Fox News Sean Hannity
‘This Is About Bigotry!’ Hannity, Atheist, and Pastors Argue Over Religious Freedom
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On Prime Time, we review the order of the Bombay High Court which granted bail to three of 21 arrested for murdering 28-year-old Mohsin Shaikh in 2014 in Pune. The court observed that the reason for ‘provocation’ for the murder was the ‘religion’ of the accused. Should people get easily motivated by inflammatory speeches that they go to the extent of killing someone? Can ‘provocation’ by such speeches become an excuse to indulge in acts of violence in the name of religion? We ask. (Audio in Hindi)
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