TAO TAO ATE 801 ELECTRIC SCOOTER UPGRADES, and electrical promblems solved

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TAO TAO ATE 801 ELECTRIC SCOOTER UPGRADES, and electrical promblems solved

This video is to inform you on electrical potential electrical problems, and solutions for repair on the TAO TAO ATE 501, or 801.

1, Rubber mat to keep water from coming up the front tire in bad weather conditions onto the front interior electrical harness and ignition switch.

  1. remove chain and pedal assembly so there is no necessary drag on the motor.
  2. Install cigarette lighter socket in the glove box with 12 volt battery, so if I break down on the street with a punctured tire, I can still make the necessary repairs with slime sealant .00 dollars, core valve kit dollars, and electric air pump 10.00 dollars. All parts purchased at AutoZone. Or if I need to charge my cell phone while driving, I can hook up the USB adapter to the cigarette lighter socket.

  3. Under seat compartment is a circuit breaker, that where I keep my chain to lock the scooter. there are 2 red wires going in and out of that breaker switch. If you are constantly putting stuff under the seat you need to be careful of the wires, and switch, they are exposed, so anything heavy like a chain, or lock can break the wires, or switch.


Next Video will include the installation of the cigarette lighter socket, battery, and demonstration of functionality for tire repair, and cell phone charging.

In major city like New York City an Electric scooter is one of the best vehicles to own, no waiting at the bus stop, no fighting to get on the crowded subways lines. No gas purchases, easy to store, and maintenance is not that hard. No looking for parking, plenty of parking convenient parking for scooters in New York city.

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