Cool Electrical Engineering images 4

Cool Electrical Engineering images

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A few nice Electrical engineering images I found:

Image from page 193 of “Electrical world” (1883)
Electrical engineering
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: electricalworld43newy
Title: Electrical world
Year: 1883 (1880s)
Subjects: Electrical engineering
Publisher: [New York McGraw-Hill Pub. Co., etc.]
Contributing Library: Engineering – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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from San Francisco says: Apparatus for wire-less telegraphy has been installed at Point Reyes, forty miles northof San Francisco, on the coast line, and on the southeast of FarallonIsland, which works perfectly. Prof. Alexander G. Mc.die, incharge of the local branch of the United States Weather Bureau,assisted by Alfred H. Triessen, the government wireless telegraphexpert, installed the plant. January 23, 1904. ELECTRICAL WORLD and ENGINEER. 179 Curious Action of Static Charge. We are indebted to Mr. Fred R. Cutctieon, superintendent of theelectrical department of the St. Paul Gas Light Company, for thefollowing item and the photograph which accompanied it: I enclose herewith a photograph of a peculiar electrical phenome-non ; it was taken from the inside surface of a hard rubber box uponwhich was mounted a choke coil, of 28 turns, this choke coil beinglocated at the point where our 25,000-volt overhead line, 30 milesin length, passes into an underground cable. Ordinarily, the drop

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CURIOUS ELECTRICAL EFFECT. over this coil is only a fraction of a volt, and the photograph showswhat an enormous resistance the coil must offer to heavy staticcharges. The actual distance between the terminals is 9 in. Thewhite appearance of the rubber is due to a white sooty deposit; theblack radiating lines are charred rubber, which is raised up in ridgesabout J4 in- high. There was no evidence of any discharge between lines. This samephenomenon occurred on all of the si.x choke coils, and was observedto a less e.vtent on coils of the same make at the generating end ofthe line. The photograph was taken by Mr. George B, Overton. New Telephone Patents. TELEPHONE REPEATER. A modification of the telephone microphone repeater has recentlyappeared which attracts attention because of the particularly in-genious arrangement of its various component parts. As may beseen from Fig. i, a single diaphragm serves for both telephone andmicrophone parts, while the coil, /, shown inclined to the hor

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Commerzbank Tower – Foster and Partners
Electrical engineering
Image by Miradortigre
Frankfurt am Main

Commerzbank Tower was designed by Foster & Partners, with Arup and Krebs & Kiefer (structural engineering), J. Roger Preston with P&A Petterson Ahrens (mechanical engineering), Schad & Hölzel (electrical engineering). Construction of the building began in 1994 and took three years to complete. The building provides 121,000 m2 (1,300,000 sq ft) of office space for the Commerzbank headquarters, including winter gardens and natural lighting and air circulation. The building is lighted at night with a yellow lighting scheme that was designed by Asadullah Aftab who was allowed to display this sequence as a result of a competition.

Electrical engineering
Image by laszlo-photo
One more post from this series. You see, I was tagged by dediva. I took my sweet time about it, but here it finally is… 16 things about myself.

  1. I was born in 1961. You can do the math.

  2. I am an electrical engineer.

  3. My original degree was in biomedical engineering, but I left my job at the hosptial to go back to school full-time.

  4. I always enjoyed photography, but I bought my first SLR, a Canon EOS Rebel SII for the purpose of shooting underwater. It took me another 5 years to purchase the lenses, housing and strobe needed to take my first underwater pictures in 1997.

  5. The first photo I ever took, was of myself. As a toddler, I picked up an old "Brownie" and accidentally tripped the shutter while I was staring into the lens. The photo still exists in a family album somewhere or other.

  6. I’ve lived in Cleveland, Ohio, USA my entire life. I was born and raised here, went to college and graduate school here, and have held various engineering positions, all here in Cleveland.

  7. I am a pack-rat. I keep all sorts of things I think I might need. I let things get rather cluttered and messy at times, but it eventually gets on my nerves and I purge everything… only to begin hoarding again.

  8. I’ve been happily married to the same lovely lady since 1984. You can do the math…

  9. As long as I can remember, I’ve been an avid fisherman. I don’t know why, but I feel completely alive when I’m battling a gamefish on the end of my line.

  10. I learned to scuba dive as an adult. I could not afford the hobby when I was younger. I almost exclusively dive tropical waters, so it is still an expensive hobby, as it involves air-travel.

  11. I’ve always been a good swimmer… not great… just good. I swam varsity in high school and college. Now, I just swim for exercise and the fun of it.

  12. Another sport I learned as an adult is skiing. Ohio does not have any mountains, so good skiing implies travel. I consider myself to be an intermediate skier, but I’ll take on some expert slopes too from time to time.

  13. I love travel. There are so many places I want to see, in the U.S. and abroad. I use skiing and scuba diving as an excuse, but in truth, I’ll go anywhere at all just to see it whether or not I have a good reason.

  14. I am a first-generation Hungarian-American. My parents, both Hungarian, refrained from speaking English in front of me and my sisters because they were sure that we’d pick up heir accents. As a result, Hungarian was my first language. I learned English from television and the neighborhood kids. I never had a Hungarian accent but I can fake one really, really well. Better than Bela Lugosi , well… his accent was real I guess.

  15. I try to get ½ hour of strenuous aerobic exercise every weekday. I used to swim a mile every day before work, but now I run 3 miles a day, instead. I don’t think it’s quite the same workout, but it is certainly a lot more convenient.

  16. I’ve always been kind-of a nerd. I used to play violin in the high school orchestra, I indulge in math puzzles, and screw around with various technical projects and pursuits. Do you want proof? Check out the photo above.