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This short movie explains how easy the loop check could be if you are using PROGNOST®-SenSim. So lean back and enjoy the movie like Eddie does when he is dreaming about his sensor simulator device PROGNOST®-SenSim.

Instrumentation is the art of measuring the value of some plant parameter i.e. pressure, flow, level or temperature to name a few and supplying a signal that is proportional to the measured parameter. The output signals are standard signal and can then be processed by other equipment (PLC or DCS) to provide indication, alarms or automatic control. There are a number of standard signals; however, those most common in a PROCESS plant are the 4-20 mA electronic signal and the 3–15 psi pneumatic signal.

This course deals with the instrumentation equipment used to measure and provide signals for PLC or DCS.

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The course will beneficial to be Instrumentation Engineers, Process Control Engineers, Automation engineers, Instrument supervisors & Technicians.

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