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Well, finally got around to finishing that. Don’t be fooled by the “Meet the…” template, it’s not a Meet the Engineer redux. Enjoy!

Here’s a bit of backstory:
“For reasons unknown, B.L.U. have been gaining a lot of wind lately. Their morale is so high, none of R.E.D.’s efforts are enough to keep them at bay. Luckily, Cowboygineer, an Engi who didn’t have much of an interest in his profession, had set out to capture and tame the fabled Rabid Heavy a few months ago. His teammates mocked him, dismissing its existence as a mere myth.

Well, now he’s back… and he’s got news for them.”

Project file:
Cowboygineer + Rabid Heavy skin pack for SFM:
(Get the whole .zip, you’ll need the folder structure intact)

Credits: Based on the video game Team Fortress 2 by Valve Corporation. Some sound effects and animations are from Vindictus by DevCAT and Nexon, and from Left 4 Dead 2 and Half-Life 2 by Valve Corporation. “Lone Rider” vest model by Toad (TF2 Workshop: ). “Colt Single Action Army” revolver model by Cyxopyk (TF2 Workshop: ). Bent Sniper Rifle model by Lemonader ( ). High definition bullets and casings by JoshuaC (also available on the Source Filmmaker Workshop, reuploaded by Sezypillows: ). Special thanks to Pte Jack for the whistling sound file ( )

Music credits:
The Meet the Team intro and outro are from Team Fortress 2 by Valve Corporation. Everything else is from Call of Juarez Bound in Blood by Techland and Ubisoft.
0:00 – Meet the Team (intro)
0:02 – Battle Background Attack
0:45 – Stinger 14
1:04 – Stinger 14B
1:19 – Duel Preview
1:57 – Stinger 6
2:15 – Stinger 4
2:15 – Miners Shooting
4:47 – Mexico Fight
5:27 – Duel Theme
5:40 – Sneaking Attack 1
5:48 – Stinger 15
5:53 – Exploring the West
6:24 – Meet the Team (outro)

Music by:
Jake Myers –
Evan King –

Voicework by:
Brendaniel –

The Concept:

I personally played an insane amount of both TF2 and Skyrim. I’ve always desired to make a fan film on either of the games. So why not both at the same time? This is an origin story of the Engineer from Team Fortress and how living in the troubled town of Riverwood resulted in the creation of his fabled turret. This is by far the biggest project I’ve ever worked on.

Turret blueprints by JNorad –

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