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Life from A to Z. National Book Award nominated author, Daniel J. Schneck treats us here to his 22nd book, Simple Wisdom: Alphabetical Reflections on the Nature of the Human Experience. Highly acclaimed for his thought-provoking writing and unique ability to “change people’s lives through your shared words,” Dr. Schneck’s unique insights into the nature of the human experience have been called “inspiring and enlightening;” and his writing style “easy and fun to read.” One of the many fans of his work aptly summarized it by saying, “Every time something bad happens to me, I read one of your articles and suddenly things don’t seem so bad anymore. I am encouraged to move on.” The true Renaissance Man. pursuing active parallel careers in Music, Medicine, Engineering, and the Law. Dr. Schneck has come at life from many different perspectives. These widely-varied experiences. which the author describes herein in easy-to-digest narratives and often-amusing anecdotes – many derived from his personal life. have given him the “simple wisdom” that is evident in the pages of this book. Written in a convenient dictionary-style format, Simple Wisdom provides a useful “thought-a-day” vocabulary of “words to live by.” Marinate on these A-to-Z words as they unfold herein and you are guaranteed to come away with a healthy approach to pursuing a satisfying, successful, self-fulfilling life.

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