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Texas Web Designers are worrying whether or not there will be any business left for them if the national economy continues to decline. Unemployment rates are rising at alarming rates. The cost of living is soaring. So is it any question that we are in a recession? Well, that depends on where you live. There are some nooks and crannies where the economy has remained fairly stable. Texas is one of them. Fortunately, the real estate bubble hasn’t burst here, yet. We’ve also benefited from the dramatic increase in oil prices. Discoveries like the Barnet Shale have put Texas back on the map, at least in terms of oil discovery and refining.

Texas Web Designers are proving that we not only have a wealth of business opportunities to deal with, but the region in general is wealthy. Real Estate is still going strong and new discoveries of natural gas reserves are poising us for prosperity and recovery. Yet, many have overlooked our thriving tech-sector. A number of high-tech companies have migrated to N. Texas, having heard the news of this prosperous state. All of this leaves the Internet Marketers in a position to profit greatly from the nation’s New Silicon Valley.

New additions to Texas legislature will help the tech industry grow by utilizing government subsidies. One bill that was recently passed, the Texas Emerging Technology Fund of ’05 gives upwards of $ 200 Million to the tech sector, creating jobs in the Texas economy and a slue of work for Texas Web Designers.

In fact, the tech sector is just about as secure as we could hope for at the moment, given the disastrous downturn in the stock markets recently. Texas Web Designers are quite excited about the numbers we are seeing. IT job growth has remained quite constant, losing, on average, only 100 jobs year over year for the past several years. Compare this to the disastrous agriculture or manufacturing industry and its easy to see that high-tech is where the state, and perhaps the country should be headed if we are to recover from this recession. Nobody knows this better than IT professionals. Some even call Austin, TX the “Silicon Hills”, and N. Dallas the “Silicon Prairie”, due to the densely populated rural and industrial sections that have high-tech companies like Hewlett Packard and Dell, not to mention Texas Instruments.

Surprisingly, the construction industry has also held quite strong in Texas. In fact, it has witnessed almost a 4% increase from May 2007, adding an additional 25K jobs. Likewise, the state’s leisure and hospitality as well as education and health services industries experienced similar growth, adding over 70K jobs altogether. The upshot of all this is that Texas Web Designers have had more work than they can handle in some cases. But the question remains, is this good for all Texas businesses? Well, yes and no.

Sure, economic prosperity is a good thing. But any time demand exceeds supply, you run the risk of monopoly-like practices: poor service, high prices, exploitative practices. To curb this, businesses must really do their homework when outsourcing their marketing and PR. If you’re considering a new website, do a search for Texas Web Designers. If you’re looking past the first page, you’ve gone too far. The elite tend to rise to the top. Stick with your first four or five companies to get some price quotes. Beyond that, and you’re working too hard.

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From a maze of tunnels that guard hidden relics to unknown Celtic Goddesses, here are 11 New Discoveries About Ancient Gods.

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6 – Lars
In 2015, Archaeologists unearthed a rare discovery inside a tiny town of Northern Italy, a 2,400-year-old sealed and untouched tomb. The ancient burial chamber contained a sarcophagus with gravely goods, including a marble statue with a mummified male skeleton. A long inscription encompassed the interior, however, a collapse occurred in the transfer to antiquity severing most of the legible letters. The inscription is now in thousands of fragments, but of those remains, one name has been found beneath the coffin of the unknown skeleton. Lars. With this newly found, once buried, ancient discovery, perhaps we can learn more about this civilisation which disappeared around two millennia ago.

5 – Sekhmet Statues
Sekhmet is an Egyptian Warrior Goddess of epic proportions, depicted with the head of a lioness, she served as the fierce protector and ferocious hunter for the sun God Ra and is credited with forming the Egyptian deserts with her breath. In 2016, eight new statues of the famed Egyptian goddess were unearthed buried inside nearly forgotten temple, located on the west bank of the Nile river near Luxor. The black granite statues were discovered during excavations of the the third temple conservation project. Only three of the newly discovered Sekhmet statues have been determined intact enough for proper display for the public.

4 – Czech Save the Queen!
In 2015, a team of Czech-born archaeologists discovered the tomb of an ancient Queen deep inside an ancient Egyptian necropolis, dubbed the Site of the forgotten kings of the 5th dynasty. This forgotten queen is believed to have ruled over Egypt somewhere around 4,500 years ago, her name and rank were found inscribed inside her burial temple as well as ancient Petro griffs depicting pharaohs as Gods. This Queen of old was discovered alongside 30 utensils comprised of limestone and copper. Proving that dinner parties must remain popular even after death.

3 – The Rose City Statues
Petra was once part of ancient Greece, now the city lies in southern Jordan, the Arab capitol and is named for the color of stones on which most of the architecture is carved, but now the title might have a new meaning with two new discoveries, twin statues of the Goddess of Love. The pair of statues depict Aphrodite, the Greek fertility goddess of love and lust, both were crafted from marble and found in good condition beneath a staircase in what was thought to be the ruins of a first-century lower class home. One of the love goddess statues even has a tiny depiction of cupid with his tiny heart shaped arrows and quiver. The home where the statues were found is now thought to have belonged to the first century Rome, when these ancient people were known to build cities comprised of stones and incorporate other nations cultures and religions as influence.

2 – Senua
In 2015, during excavations in a Hertfordshire field, a treasure cache was discovered which included precious metals, stunning jewellery, plaques bearing long forgotten messages and several sacred symbols etched into stones. Unearthed in this colossal ancient find, were 26 pieces of soil stained gold and corroded silver which are now believed to be treasures benefitting an altar to a previously unknown Celtic Goddess. The findings are now thought to have once been a sacred shrine in the newly discovered great Goddess’s honor. A silver statue of the unknown deity was also found buried inside the site, along with her namesake which was discovered carved into the dislodged base of the statue. Senua may not have a face or arms, but with her name once more in the History books perhaps more information about this Celtic goddess is on the way to being found.

1 – Gateway to the Underworld
In the year 2015, a mix of Spanish and Italian archaeologists unearthed the mythical tomb of Osiris, the Egyptian God of the Dead. The historic find was found in a necropolis alongside the West Bank of the Nile river at Thebes on the sands of the vast Egyptian desert. Egyptian legends hail this sacred tomb as a passageway into the Netherworld, the land of the dead. This recently discovered sacred structure stands to honour Osiris, God of the Dead and is thought to be a reproduction of the mythical tomb of which the stories speak. Could this unearthly discovery be an enormous ancient homage, or could this empty buried tomb be the mythical burial chamber from legend itself?
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