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Six years ago New York’s technological infrastructure had no consolidated effort to manage their computers infrastructure. Their system had no leverage purchasing power, agencies often duplicated their efforts, and there was no other means to make citizens and business groups to find any useful information about the government services.

If a citizen wanted to do a transaction in his local area and he wanted to do it in the convenience of his own home, the user had to find the right state agency and then navigate through complex networks of paths to find the information needed and then the user needed to go to a government office and fall in line to complete his transaction.

But now, a lot has changed in this state. After realizing the significant role computers can bring into New York State’s functions in making the government accessible, New York officials, led by Governor Pataki, made three primary goals for the improvement of computers technology utilization, these are: to save money, to improve communication within state agencies and their levels of government and to make conducting businesses within the State easier.

The most challenging obstacle in going forward to this era of computers that we are in is the lack of a central technology infrastructure. Since, the government had already built different networks to communicate with different services and data over the past years, those individual networks were designed to cater the specific needs of the State and their local units and thus they were incompatible to each other’s system. That is where NYeNet, a communication solution came in and solved New York computers network problem by installing fiber optic cables that could reach into virtually all regions of the State.

NYeNet will serve an integral role to New York’s portal development and will serve as a connection to all the users and consumers of New York State’s services with the computers environment that is being used for transactions and providing necessary information.

Now, after six years, the state has created an incomparable web banner, that provides a coherent theme across every different agency websites which had its own unique personalities, look and feel depending on its own agency’s perspective.

Sixty two agencies are working together to keep the information, services and transactions always up to date with their computers’ portal and web banner with the help of New York State’s central web. With as much as 800 often asked questions and as much as 700 links are presently available through the help of the banner and the use of the central database. Each given agency has internet access and powers its input into the banner.

The success of New York, when it comes to it computers technological infrastructure, is virtually seen but the test is not yet entirely done. Until now. New York is still doing and working for the improvement of the State Portal Home Page including customization, improved search capability in all State agency web sites and more services and transactions.

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