The Call For Inventions and Innovations

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Inventions and innovations are the stepping stones into the future, the building blocks for progress. While inventions are defined as a product, process or technology that is totally new, the significant improvement of an invention is called an innovation. Inventions and innovations have made our lives easier, more efficient, healthy, beautiful, and more fun. They have been in high demand throughout history. So are they now.

Inventions shape and impact our daily lives, especially those that are considered the top ten inventions of all times: the light bulb, airplane, printing press, automobile, telegraphy, radar, radio, microchip, penicillin, and laser. All of them became the starting point for developments and further inventions. They all created a domino-effect.

Take for example the printing press. This invention was the onset for the development of various industries, such as paper, newspaper, publishers, and printing equipment. People en large learned to read. The education system took on a new dimension. A multitude of jobs came into existence. Imagine the impact of the printing press had on individual lives. Their access to books, their understanding of God�s Word in light of humankind�s eternal destiny, their progress in personal development and knowledge, as well as their excitement and fulfillment while reading for pleasure.

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An invention that we constantly use, but seldom ponder upon, is toilet paper. It was invented in 1877 by Seth Wheeler. It�s marketing time took long, because at that time nobody talked about �such� things. Before this invention, people wiped themselves with a sponge soaked in salt water, hay, grass, discarded sheep�s wool, a gompf stick, corn crops, leaves, newspaper, lace, hemp, to name just some.

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And what about those inventions that cater only to a very specific population group? Step for example into the shoe of a blind person. Now imagine how the invention of Braille in 1824 by Louis Braille would change your life. How it would open up the closed door to broaden your vocabulary and horizon, to dive into different worlds through fiction, to acquire knowledge and with that to be enabled to pursue a career.

Yes, inventions are of great significance. Inventions do not only have an impact on people, but also on animals, the environment, and businesses. Thus they are the factor for a prosperous economy and the well-being of a nation.

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The scope of inventions reaches from cultural, scientific, technological, culinary inventions to inventions in literature, art, music and day-to-day items. Inventions and innovations are related to and important in all segments of life. Inventors come in a great diversity, from top professionals to playful kids.

The driving force for becoming an inventor can be just as manifold as the people themselves. It can be the thirst for figuring something out, solving a problem, achieving something important, perfection, monetary reward, status, the desire to help someone with a need, pleasure or to give back to the community. What ever your motivation is, inventions are in high demand. Grab the baton and go for it.

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