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Any person suffering from dry mouth knows it is a agonizing and sometimes painful ordeal. Many people are stuck with only a dry mouth, while others suffer from the underlying disease or medical problem or face a habit that causes dry mouth. It is not normal for anybody to have a dry mouth at least once in their life; nevertheless, for those people with reoccurring or prolonged instances of dry mouth it might be advantage to consider all lifestyle habits and problems. Then the real culprit behind the dry mouth is found.

In order to remove a dry mouth, the source of the problem must be diagnose. Many patients who are on numerous medications will suffer from a dry mouth as a result of a side effect of dry mouth remedies. Therefore, if the drug causes dry mouth, the doctor may prescribe another drug or change the dose of a particular drug. A lot of treatments such as radiation therapy for cancer can lead a dry mouth. There are also some different illness and health condition that can affect the salivary glands and lead to a dry mouth. Some of those diseases and health problems include:

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v High blood pressure v Sjogren’s syndrome v Alzheimer’s disease v Diabetes v Mumps v Anemia v Cystic fibrosis v Rheumatoid arthritis v High blood pressure v Parkinson’s disease v Stroke v Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Other causes of dry mouth can be the result of lower production of saliva. If the salivary glands aren’t working to their full potential the normal amount of saliva isn’t in the mouth; therefore, causing a dry mouth. If this is the condition, a physician can prescribe medication or natural remedies for dry mouth that helps the salivary glands to work better and produce a adequate amount of saliva to abate a dry mouth.

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Food and drink consumed may also contribute to dry mouth. Foods that are salty and spicy absorb the saliva in the mouth and cause a dry mouth. Certain foods can also cause pain in the mouth. Drinks high in caffeine and sugar can also cause the mouth to become dry, and it is therefore important to limit consumption of these types of drinks and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your mouth moist, and therefore, dehydration causes the mouth becomes dry. Other dry mouth causes include, but are not limited to: v Nerve damage v Damaged or removed salivary glands v Hormonal changes v Lifestyle changes and habits

Ganesh Chovorick a writer who wrote about the natural remedies for dry mouth that can be helpful to achieve healthy oral hygiene. INT
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