The Girlbank Trap: A dream becomes a painful nightmare

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The Girlbank Trap: A dream becomes a painful nightmare

A revolutionary bank account makes Jenna’s life a dream, but when she has to pay off an overdraft it becomes a painful nightmare. An experienced workmate and friend, Pat, explains Girlbank to Jenna in glowing terms. ‘Girlbank is a hush-hush modern twist on a practice as old as humanity, although I believe its founders were inspired by what was happening in France on the internet. It was noticed men in both the trades and the professions were placing classified advertisements on the Net offering their services to women for no fee but on a kind of barter system. Women could get house-painting, plumbing, electrical work, computer repairs. just about anything for what they described politely as “special hugs” or “tender moments” or “perfect evenings”.’ Girlbank formalises the process for approved clients, offering accounts to both borrowers and depositors. So how does it all go so horribly wrong for Jenna.

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