The Microsoft Project Control Tower: Monitoring and Guiding Projects

Project Management

An executive’s responsibility is much like the operations of an air traffic control tower. They are accountable for the successful flight of active projects, and with dozens of projects in the air all the time, they need a complete and accurate overview to steer each one appropriately. In order to have command of the slate of projects, it is critical to have a reliable dashboard of project vital signs, most typically resource demand vs capacity, making schedule commitments, and project spend versus budget.

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All of these dashboards are easily constructed, but the information only become meaningful when there are rigorous processes that ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the data. Developing these processes requires hard work and investment.

Project Assistants CEO, Gus Cicala, and Practice Director, Jim Colton, discuss Process Theory and demonstrate the technology that goes into monitoring and communicating the vital signs of projects.

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