The Power of Roslyn: Improving Your Productivity with Live Code Analyzers

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The Power of Roslyn: Improving Your Productivity with Live Code Analyzers

Two years ago we open sourced the C# and Visual Basic compilers and exposed their functionality through APIs as the Roslyn project. The Roslyn analyzer API empowers the developer community to be more productive by lighting up their own features in the editor in real-time—meaning anyone can write a refactoring, code fix, code style rule, or code diagnostic. Come learn more about the Roslyn project and what these live analyzers mean for you and your productivity.

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Speaker: Dustin Campbell
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If you’ve ever wondered what a spectrum analyzer is or why it might be so useful to me here at RCModelReviews then hopefully, this video will give you some insight.

The spectrum analyzer (SA) is just a fancy radio receiver that plots the strength of signals across the radio spectrum. Using this one, I can check the frequency and strength of any signal from 100KHz to 3.3GHz.

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As you can see in the video, it can be used to check the signals generated by the old 72MHz FM/PCM gear, 2.4GHz spread-spectrum gear and even to check how much unwanted noise other electronic equipment creates on the RC bands.

You’ll be seeing more of the SA on this channel when I evaluate and review some of the electronic products we use in the RC hobby.
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