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The Price

Annette Peters was a troubled lady who had been betrayed on her engagement night by her fiancé of eight years, George Boateng. She immediately called off the engagement and changed town in order to find a better life. Her search for the new despite her heartbreak leads her into the hands of George’s friend prince Kennedy Douglas of the Douglas dynasty who is third in line to the throne of Asaba, a kingdom in Ghana. Kennedy falls in love with Annette and plans to get married to her but their engagement is perturbed, by the succession problems the kings death brings forth. The second son Timothy succeeds the throne with the disappearance of the heir a couple of months back but then he dies shortly after due to a medical condition and Kennedy is left to succeed the throne. However, as per the rules of the tribe, the successor cannot marry an outsider, someone without royal blood of which Annette is of. Therefore, Prince Kennedy is left with the choice of either forgoing his throne for Annette or vice versa. His love therefore becomes the price for the throne and his tribe but fortunately, the prodigal son returns and claims his throne saving Kennedy from the tragedy and they all live happily ever after.

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