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top 10 all Disney Princesses who are the richest
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Disney is one of the most powerful and profitable companies in the world. It seems that they make more money than God, and they own dozens of companies like ABC, ESPN, Dreamworks, just to name a few. But in the beginning, there was just a man and a mouse. However, Walt Disney’s world and business changed with the release of the 1937 movie, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.” Not only was it the first Disney movie to have a princess, it was the company’s first full-length animated feature. The movie did so well that a tradition was born. Disney then became synonymous with princesses, and they have continued to make movies featuring a princess ever since. If you think the tradition will eventually fizzle out, you’re wrong. Especially since “Frozen” made over a billion dollars in the box office since it came out in 2013, and “Moana” seems to not be too far behind. But just how profitable are the princesses?

In this video, you will learn about 10 of the richest Disney princesses. This list has been compiled based on box office performance while keeping the budget in mind. Between costumes, merchandise, toys, and more, Disney princesses continue to be profitable. The company is really capitalizing on the idea that every girl wants to be a princess and to have a handsome prince sweep her up and take her away. While feminists aren’t thrilled with Disney princesses, the trend continues because it makes so much money for Disney.

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